Social Networking in the 21st Century

During the day I am the Marketing Manager for Cleveland Public Power, and as such it is my job to promote the state of Ohio’s largest municipal electric company, and while doing so promote the efforts of Cleveland Mayor Frank G. Jackson to make Cleveland “a green city on a blue lake”.
Last week during our monthly PIO (Public Information Officer) meeting, we had the pleasure of a presentation given by Cool Cleveland founder Thomas Mulready. Mulready’s presentation focused heavily on the need for public information officers to embrace alternative information sources such as Cool Cleveland, as well as social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.
Anyone who has visited this blog understands that I might be well intentioned, but regularly posting comes sporadically for me. It is my goal to increase my presence in the upcoming months, and prior to this meeting I had given some serious thought to how I could utilize alternative information sources to help with my job.
I have a Facebook page – of sorts, a find invited me and set up a page, but I’ve not done much with it since. I’m going to delve a little further into that realm and check out the Twitter world too!
Let me know your thoughts on Social Networking, I’d love to hear your stories! That will also let me know that someone is reading!

Good News Monday!

It’s not every Monday when you can end the day wanting to shout from the rooftops and dance through the streets, but this day, December 15, 2008 is just that kind of day!
To start my day off, I had to take care of some business with Cleveland State University in order to register for spring semester, so I made a telephone call and waited a few minutes before logging into the University’s system. To my shock and amazement, the problem I had been trying to rectify for two and a half days had been solved, and better yet, grades for the fall semester had posted and I aced my class!!!
Now some might say, well it was only one class, but we must remember this is after being away from a true classroom for more than twenty years. In addition to that, I work full time and have had a number of family issues to deal with on top of it, oh and by the way the government just decided to let us in on the fact that we have been in a recession for the last year. That last announcement came to my household a long time ago, but with perseverance and God’s guidance we have survived.
The best news of the day, however, came at lunch time when I received a call from my mom. She called my cell and I was away from the office, so she asked me to call her when I returned. When I called her back she asked what I was doing after work and if I could come by. The back story here is that in July she was diagnosed with cancer, so calls asking for you to come by are met with some level of trepidation. Not one for surprises, I began to question her only to receive the greatest news! As of today her cancer is in REMISSION! We will learn more on Wednesday, but her oncologist was so excited he gave her the good news today.
So, as you can see this has definitely been a GOOD NEWS MONDAY! I hope your day was filled with some level of joy as well!