I’m Back!!!

I can’t believe it has been more than a month since my last posting, but life just gets in the way sometimes. I haven’t been completely neglecting the purpose of this blog, which is to keep me on the writing path, just been writing in other ways.

The good news is that I have two chapters of my first novel complete and have received positive feedback. Now that I know the story I’m trying to tell makes sense and is of interest to more than moi, I’ve got to keep plugging along.

It’s also been one of those “Be careful what you ask for” times because I have been very busy with newsletter editing, design and other tasks that keep the cash flowing and help to pay the bills. The only downfall has been my greeting cards have been pushed to the back burner and they are not only a decent source of extra income – I enjoy doing them.

The Wine & Gold Have Made Us Proud!!!!!!

I have not been a true fan of the Cleveland Cavaliers for a number of years, but the acquisition of LeBron James sparked a renewed interest that has peaked with this aweseome season! Many may not understand, but if you are a sports fan and live in Cleveland I’m sure you can relate. We needed and wanted something to cheer about and the Cavs did it this year!!! The Detroit series was great – high energy basketball that kept you on the edge of your seat praying. I will now anticipate next year with the same intensity I have reserved for the Browns.

Covenant is Coming, The Covenant is Coming!!!!

If you hadn’t guessed I am truly excited about the addition of Cleveland to The Covenant with Black America tour. Cleveland and the state of Ohio for that matter needs to get on board this train and begin to do something positive for the black community. If you’re reading Cleveland – make sure you’re in the house and representing because we need to do some positive things in this town!

Grey’s Anatomy & 24 thanks for a wonderful season!!!

I am both happy and sad to see the 2005 television season come to a close. Now that it has ended maybe I can get more work done on this blog, my book etc. On the other hand I can’t wait to find out what’s going to happen next at Seattle Grace or how Jack Bauer is going to escape his recent capture by the Chinese.

I have become a fan of Shonda Rhimes. What can I say, she makes you proud to be a woman and especially a black woman with one of the most highly rated television shows on today! Go Shonda! She is one helluva writer and she has roped me in just when I said I was cutting back on my television viewing. If you haven’t become a member of the cult, you will after a couple of episodes and then you will be like me, searching the Internet for more. You don’t have to look far, the writers have a blog and to hear more from Shonda and the gang, click the link and learn more.

I blame my mother for my fixation with 24. Last Thanksgiving I called her on Saturday to see what she was up to and she told me she was sitting transfixed in from of the television watching old episodes of 24. Having nothing constructive to do that day (well, nothing I wanted to do) I flipped the channel and became hooked! That weekend I took in all the 24 I could get and every weekend after that I was searching TBS or TNT or any station looking for the 24 marathons. That continued during the Christmas holidays and led up to me going to Blockbuster and renting the first six episodes. Reality set in at the checkout counter so I came home and went to the Cleveland Public Library website and joined the hordes of fans on the waiting list for Seasons 1-4. When the season started in January I had watched seasons 1, 2, 4 and I caught up on three at the beginning of this season. Did I not say HOOKED!

I’ve written more than I should have today, but that’s what happens when you stay away. I’ll keep it short next post. Until then…