Seeking Clarity

Have you ever felt your head was stuck in the clouds? Well I have for a while, but I’m seeking a clearing similar to the motion taking place in the photo above.

To that end I enrolled a few weeks ago in the Superhero Summer Camp in an attempt to slow down and play just as we did in our youth. As so often is the case in my world – life got in the way, and I didn’t fully participate, but I did regularly print out the activities for the day. In reviewing the various activities I have found that I missed out on some great guided activities. Did I really miss out? Well no, because as I said I printed them out and even though the summer is winding down it doesn’t mean I can’t have a late Summer Camp does it? I don’t think the actual start time is going to be a problem so I’m going to go all in beginning this Sunday.

If you are looking to find your creative clarity, or just plain old clarity in your life it’s not too late for you as I just noticed registration for Superhero Summer Camp does not end until tomorrow, August 31st. What do you have to lose? It’s free, and I’m sure you’ll come away with a better sense of yourself. Curious? Go here, and move the storm clouds and cobwebs circling in your mind!

If free doesn’t work for you, check out the Chookooloonks Path Finder, a five week guided self-study program on creating  your own beautifully different life. For a mere $75 author, blogger, photographer Karen Walrond will lead the journey to finding and creating your own beautifully different life. I have signed up and can’t wait. Learn more about this adventure here.

Hope to see you on the Path to a beautifully different me and you!

Appreciating the Little Things

As the sunsets on Lake Erie

 As I reflect on the loss of my cousin, I am drawn to remember the little things that make life the joy that it is. Recently I celebrated my 9th wedding anniversary, but a few days before that I had the pleasure of just enjoying the majesty that is a sunset with my husband.

I am most appreciative of the little things! These are a few of the sights from that evening.

Playing with night photography, a shot of RKR as the sunsets on Lake Erie.

Remembering Suge

Albert “Suge” Maples III 1952-2011

Today my family and I said our farewells to my cousin Albert Maples III, who passed away suddenly and according to all of our minds too soon. As is always the case with funerals you are left reflective and today is no different.

Suge as he was known to his family and friends had such a huge spirit and a love for life it is hard to imagine that he is now gone from our daily lives, but we all know that his beautiful smile and spirit lives on.

Rest in peace my beautiful cousin…say hello to Mommy and I’ll see you on the other side!

Blog Hop ~ Liberate Your Art

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the “Liberate Your Art” Postcard Swap hosted by Kat Sloma of The Kat Eye View! What an experience and what a pleasure.

I rarely think of myself as an artist, or even artistically inclined, I do however love photography and that is a form of art. I have dabbled in photography since I was about 15 when my parents purchased my first 35mm SLR camera, but I have always steered away from this joy because when I was in college and wanted to pursue photography courses I was told I had to take art classes as a prerequisite. Part of me understood the reason for this, but my angry twin refused to enter into these entry level art classes because I can not draw!

So instead I just pulled out my camera and took photos, not necessarily thinking about the composition, lighting etc. It worked for me! For the most part I take great pictures and because they are usually of people they were fine. As long as they weren’t blurry and out of focus I was doing good – capturing the moment and usually coming away with a good shot.

Recently I have decided to develop more into photography through the use of Internet sites and photo prompts offered by a wealth of women online. I’m still not going to call myself a professional photographer, but I have a better understanding of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture but most importantly how these three functions come together to give you a great exposure!

With that in mind, and after taking a number of shots over the last year I decided to look at some of my favorite shots as art and liberate them and myself by participating in the Postcard Swap! It was a freeing experience for me because I am not always a fan of my work and this was an opportunity to say “You can do this and someone will enjoy it (hopefully)!”

While I didn’t receive a lot of feedback, I did receive some and I enjoyed the art that came my way. I had the opportunity to connect with women from as far away as Germany and as close – if you want to call it close as New York City!

Below you will find photos of the Postcards I received and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I would gladly participate again!

The works of art I received during the Postcard Swap!

Summer Colds are the pits!

It’s 80° outside and the relative humidity is hovering between 65-70% and my throat feels scratchy. Not a good sign. Scratchy turns into sneezing, coughing and congestion! Dang it, I’ve got a summer cold that is hell bent on knocking me to my knees. I fight it and go to work sneezing, hacking and being just plain miserable.
My head before meds,
Last night I come home and my body feels as though I have been in the ring with Sugar Ray, but I’m ready to fight back. Armed with Theraflu Severe Cold, Coricidin Cold and fresh ginger tea I dope myself up and off to bed I go.
This morning I greet the world and I can breathe, hallelujah! The worst is over, but I still have a few issues – lingering headache, a little cough and some phlegm buildup in my chest. Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Hot Tea, more Coricidin and plenty of sleep (try just about all day) and I’m feeling much better.
The upside to this story of misery is that I have taken out my computer and albeit late in the day, I’m working on being a little creative. I’ve uploaded some photos and with this post, I’m getting back to writing. Next I will write a couple of book reviews and edit some photos.

The clouds are parting as is the congestion in my head.
So what’s the point you ask? It’s real simple, don’t let illness put you down before you realize that you have been running on sheer steam. Take time out for yourself and get some rest – if you don’t do it yourself I can tell you that your body will wake you up and sit you down!