Count Down to Help-Portrait Cleveland

Only nine days until the first Help-Portrait event will be held in Cleveland and I’m nervous! This has been my baby for a few months now and I am saying prayers that all will turn out well. Please send up a prayer or two.

The good news is that we are going to help out families at the City Mission’s Laura’s Home and the Salvation Army’s Zelma George Family Emergency Shelter. Isn’t that a blessing! I started out wondering if I would have anyone to shoot and now we have at least 70 families, representing about 200 people.

Donations have been slow to come, but my crew of volunteers have stepped up to the plate, many not only offering their time but also financial or in-kind donations!

Grateful to these ladies for restoring my faith in the Help-Portrait Cleveland project. Seat (l-r) Stephanie Briggs and Angela Townsend. Standing (l-r) Bele’ Wondwossen, Keshia Johnson and Angela Tucker.

So wish us well as we try to bring a little cheer into the lives of our neighbors – One Portrait At A Time! If you’re reading this and you live in the Cleveland area and would like to help us out, please let me know. We are still seeking donations for snacks, props, and photo holders!


Fantastic Friday to begin 5 on Friday!

Banner for 5 Friday

This has been a Fantastic Friday, and I’m so happy to join the ladies over at Reflection of You had decided to bring this link-up party back to life. They have added a new twist – no longer do you have to share just Facts, but you can share five of ANY little thing you want!

When I received the notice, my plan was to use this opportunity to catch up on some of the photos I have taken in recent weeks, but then my telephone starting ringing and I had to change things up a little.

So here are my 5 on Friday:


1. As I have mentioned here, and here I have been working on organizing a Help-Portrait event in Cleveland. Not a simple task I must say, but I decided to persevere and boy has it paid off! I now have three organizations really excited about taking part in this worthwhile project! The glee has to be tempered just a little because there are always challenges, but I am ever so grateful to the agencies that have shown some interest!

2. I have joined the annual Nanowrimo this year, and although I am behind schedule I am proud to say that I have officially completed 2200 words! That’s only a drop in the bucket, but that’s the furthest I have gotten in three years!

Nanowrimo badge

3. I am grateful to the City Mission, in particular, Laura’s Home for their interest in Help-Portrait Cleveland.

4. I am grateful to University Settlement for their interest in Help-Portrait Cleveland

5. I am also grateful to the Salvation Army of Greater Cleveland for their interest in Help-Portrait Cleveland.

So, have a great weekend, and as always,