#reverb10 – Action

Action. When it comes to aspirations, its not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen. What’s your next step?
I would say that my current aspiration have to do with exercising my creative juices and if the cards align themselves to support myself, or supplement my income through these endeavors.
I strongly agree that these ideas and aspirations must be placed into action in order to achieve the goal or make the aspiration a reality. To that end these daily prompts have helped me move from talking about writing and placed me in front of the computer typing. While these prompts have nothing to do with current projects, they do get the juices flowing and have helped the mind to expand and open up with reference to works in progress.
Another aspiration is to advance my photographic skills which have languished for a number of years. While working on these prompts I am also working on daily photography prompts to exercise that skill.
So while I am moving in the right direction, the final piece of this puzzle is to develop a flow and a way in which to complete these tasks along with the day-to-day life tasks.
Organization is the key to that problem, and I am currently trying to purge my home of extraneous items that are no longer of use so as to create a better work environment at home.

#reverb10 – Body Integration

Body integration. This year, when did you feel the most integrated with your body? Did you have a moment where there wasn’t mind and body, but simply a cohesive YOU, alive and present?
I think I had two instances of being cohesively me and the interesting thing about each of these days is that I also felt very in touch with nature.
This spring on one of the first warm days of the year I felt overcome by what I called “spring fever”. I just couldn’t concentrate any longer and decided to check out of work a little early and go to the lake. It had only been a few weeks since my Mom passed and I was missing her desperately and felt I could be closer to her at the lake.
Well I got to the lake and remembered that the temperature is much colder by the water than inland, but I was comfortable and spent a couple of hours just gazing out into the lake, taking photos and being with me! It was great!
The second time was last Wednesday as I danced in the snow during Cleveland’s first snow storm! I was outside without a hat on and just taking in the beauty of the falling snow. I had images of my childhood when we used to rush out the back door to make snow angels in the perfect white flakes! All the worries and cares were wiped away and I felt alive and ready to tackle any and all challenges!

#reverb10 – Wisdom

What a weekend! I’m late in posting my reverb10 reflections so today I’m posting two. Maybe three because it is my plan to do all 31 even if I didn’t start on time!
First let’s look at the December 10th prompt – Wisdom, “What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?” When I first read this prompt I thought it would be difficult to write or to determine, because let’s face it – most people don’t think they are very wise especially in a day-to-day way. Or at least that’s how I am. However after thinking back on the past year I was able to come up with a response fairly quickly.
Throughout the years I have been very good at advising others that you can ‘only do what you can do’ and that you are not in control of the emotions and actions of others. I thought that I did a pretty good job of this myself – that is not harping on the reactions and attitudes of others. My philosophy has always been “if you know in your heart that you have done the best that you can” in any situation then let it go.
This year has presented a number of situations when I have been engaged in heated exchanges with others because of their perception of an event, action or something similar. It was becoming a serious problem, one that left me angry, aggravated and just not in a good state. That is until I took my own advice and realized that there problems were not mine.
So, how has this worked? It has limited my level of anxiety and frustration, but it has resulted in strained relationships. I am not happy that some of my relationships with people that are very important to me are in dire straits, but at the same time I am not constantly stressing either. I can’t always put others before me and my mental and physical health. Phew I said it, and I really mean it. Hoping for a stress free ’11!

#reverb10 – The Ultimate Party!

I don’t do a lot of partying these days – much to my dismay. I guess it has to do with growing older and being more selective in the situations you put yourself in. That being said I would say that the year started off with a great party!
For the past three years we have gathered with a group of friends to bring in the New Year and each year the party gets better. It is a house party held at the home of some dear friends and it attracts a large gathering of friends, family and neighbors. The basement is small, but not tight and has a great layout complete with an area set aside for the bar. Because it’s a house party the attire is usually casual with a little glitter added via tops or jazzy bottoms. Attire is so unimportant I can’t actually recall what I wore.
My husband sometimes moonlights as a bartender and each year he adds this party to his portfolio, but this year I took over the bar. I don’t quite remember how this happened, but it did and I had a good time and the attendees enjoyed my mixology.
The food was a mix of standard house party mix – chicken wings, ribs, pasta salad, spinach dip, and I believe there were greens too! So we had a good spread to fill the belly and a full bar to lift the spirits. Top that off with DJ Vince and the house was jumping.
We danced, ate, drank and talked well into the early hours of 2010 and a good time was had by all.

#reverb10 – Beautifully Different

This is my fourth entry for the reverb10 challenge. The challenge is all about recounting the year and looking forward to the new year. It is also meant to help you write daily and become reflective – at least that is my take. So today’s prompt is:
Beautifully different. Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful.
Wow, what a challenge and if you didn’t believe me when I said this challenge motivates you to become reflective I think you’re with me now.
I don’t know if some of my better points are things that make me different, but I think that most of my friends and associates would say that I am considerate and giving. When thinking about gifts to give I really try to think about the recipient and come up with things that reflect them. I don’t look at quantity or value but at the sentiment associated with it, or the personal value the recipient will place on the gift.
I’m sometimes blunt to a fault, but I believe that in recent years I have learned to curb the tongue a little understanding that what I feel is not always what someone else wants to hear. Lately a number of people have indicated that they admire my confidence and I think that’s a good thing, although I’ve heard some call it arrogance – which is so far from the truth. I have a strong confidence in my abilities and if I believe I can do it – no matter what it is I won’t back down.
Finally and probably most important is that I strive to find the good in most everyone. Each of us has some redeeming quality – it just may be buried and you have to dig to find it.