The Obama Express

The Obama Express is slowly snaking its way to the nation’s capitol with throngs of onlookers braving frosty temperatures just to get a glimpse of the President-elect and his family. Observing this walk in history has been awe inspiring and emotional.
As I watch I think back to March of last year when the photo to the right was taken and crowds gathered at Community Colleges and various venues to see the man who dared to believe that he could make a difference. At that time I believed he had the right ideas, persona and the ability, but I didn’t believe that America was ready. Well President-elect Barack Obama has proven me and millions of others wrong! America, at least the majority, is ready for change and change is here.
After the November election I vowed I would be in D.C. to witness history, because I really felt that there was no better place to be, but life has interrupted that dream and I like millions of others will gather on Tuesday and witness history in front of the television. What will be extra special about not being in Washington is that I will have the opportunity to observe history with my mother who has been one of the President-elect’s biggest supporters from the beginning; my grandmother who will soon celebrate her 85th birthday and a couple of aunts, cousins and other family members. Chronicling this historic event from a family perspective will be just as rewarding as being in a crowd of millions.
A change has come to America, do your part to be an agent of change in your life, community and in your country.
~Until next time!

One Minute Writer

Irony abounds in life and today is not different. The one-minute writer prompt for today is “What is the last thing that made you cry?” Below is my response, which carries over to my first post of the day.

Today I shed tears for the first time in 2009. These tears were for the tragic and senseless death of 6-month-old Ania Duncan. I never had the pleasure of meeting Ania, but from the bright, brown eyes that stared out at me I’m sure I would have loved to have known her. Today the world is a little darker and my heart aches for a better tomorrow and help for her troubled parents.

~Hug a child today!

WHY!!! The Only Question is why?

Just two days ago I wrote a very brief post on the need for patience in our world, and today I am so angry I could just scream!!!!!!!
I have just learned of the death of beautiful 6-month-old Ania Duncan, presumably at the hands of her own parents. I didn’t know this precious child or her family, but just the senseless, callous way in which she died has my blood boiling.
Children, as cliche’ as it may sound, are truly a blessing from God and to hear that this young life has ended in such tragedy is appalling. We live in a world where life is no longer precious. Where brutality and violence have become the norm for so many, and many others have become numb to the unspeakable crimes we read and hear about on a daily basis.
Ania is in a much better place, but oh what joy I’m sure she could have brought to a family that loved her. All you have to do is look at her beautiful, bright eyes and see that she was a joy the short time she spent on this earth.
If you have a child take an extra moment and tell them you love them, better yet give them a big hug!
If you’re in the northeast spread some joy and stay warm, everyone else just spread a little joy today!
For more on this story check out, source of photo and details.

What information or skill would you like to teach to others?

The one skill that has taken me a number of years to understand and practice regularly is the art of Patience! Patience is something that I believe all of us need to strive for in life. Why, you ask? Well you will be healthier – raging and feelings of anger only help to raise your blood pressure, not that of the person or thing that has caused your flare up.

This is my One-Minute Writer post for today! Think you’re suffering from Writer’s Block, drop by One-Minute Writer for a prompt to get the juices flowing!

So Idiotic

I could not believe my eyes! This woman was riding down the street with the front and rear windows totally covered in snow. There was only a small portion of the front windshield cleaned – at eye level.
I was so astonished I had to take a photo with my cell. Unfortunately, I was driving and did not have time to circle around and get a good picture of the entire car.
The irony of the whole incident is that she was heading to Mass – I hope that during her prayers she thanked God and all his saints for watching over her!
I’m sure she would have been forgiven for being a few minutes late – it really wouldn’t have taken more than 10-15 minutes to clear off the snow!!