The Liberate Your Art Blog Hop

Today I’m sharing with you the Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap Blog Hop. What is that you ask? Over the last five weeks works of art created by men and women from around the globe has arrived in mailboxes to brighten the day of its recipient.

This Swap comes with a dual purpose for the sender and recipient. You see not all of us consider ourselves accomplished artists but thanks to the Swap we are summoning the courage to share something we have created with others. Let me tell you that is no easy task if you listen to the inner critic that has helped to diminish your belief in your craft.

On the other hand the recipient is able to hold in their hands a work created with love, creativity and courage.

Below you will find Queen Anne’s Lace by Elizabeth of Michigan and Hunters Moon by Susan. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide the link up to all of the other participants, but if you visit the Kat Eye Studio you’ll find a link.

Queen Anne's Lace
Elizabeth Dewey’s computer art “Queen Anne’s Lace”
Susan Nystrom
A work of art entitled “Hunters Moon” by Susan Nystrom.