A Little Sunshine to Brighten Your Day

Dropping in to share a bit of sunshine to hopefully brighten your day! See you back here soon! A new challenge starts tomorrow, and I’ll share all of the details.


Adding a little sunshine to the day!

Short Lived Euphoria!

The previous post is supposed to have incorporated a “mouse over” meaning that when you hover your mouse over the image you will see the before processing and then the after processing version.

I actually saw this work! Right here in my little composition window, but the moment I saved it and sent it on it’s merry way everything when phlatt! (yes I know that’s not a word) but I hope you get the gist!

I’m bummed… but this is what I felt about thirty minutes ago! Keep your eyes on this space because I am determined to have success!

I’m pleased as punch! I was able to successfully complete my first “mouseover” a technique that will show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ of a shot!

In case you can’t hear it in my words, I am definitely doing the “HAPPY DANCE”!!! Little triumphs like this just make my day! They also help me to justify the expense of taking these online courses.

My “Plan B” in life is to develop an enterprise that utilizes my passion for creating with words and photos into something that will help support me, I’m not there yet so at times I will question the expense. Again doing the “Happy Dance” and singing Yay!!!! Because justified or not this “Behind the Scenes” course has really been a great experience. Not only has it given me a lot of insight into things that I can do to improve upon my online experience it has also armed me with so many ideas and a whole new community of bloggers!

Today has been so “Beyond Awesome”! I hope you enjoy my “mouse over” and that you will take a moment and peek at some of my other work. As always comments are welcome – they help us to grow!

Have a Fabulous Friday!

Dreamy Sheep Grazing in CLE

Sheep graze along the Shoreway in Cleveland compliments of the St. Clair Superior Community Development Corporation.

One of the things I love about Cleveland is you just never know what you will see on any given day.

For weeks I have been trying to spot the sheep I heard were grazing along the shoreway to no avail, and then last week a friend mentioned seeing them as well as a sign explaining their presence.

Passing by this area daily I continually forgot to look until this evening as I made my way home I detoured slightly to try and get a peek. On the first drive by I didn’t see them, but after turning around to go home I looked a little further into the field and eureka!

The photo pictured above has been treated with Kim Klassen’s “dream-field” process from her Beyond Layers course.  The end result is a dreamy, hazy look at sheep grazing in Cleveland!

Enjoy! As always your comments are welcome.

Behind the Scenes: 5 Questions

This marks the final week of Behind the Scenes, the online course I have consistently referred to as Reflection of You! Isn’t that a hoot, I’m so behind in this class that I didn’t know until yesterday that I had been calling it the wrong name.

Well as part of our assignment for this week, the wonderful ladies Kim and Xanthe came up with five questions that we are to answer and post. Here are my responses:

1. What makes you happy?….. in 5 words or less….?

Family, creating, memories and assisting others.

 2. Which talent would you most like to have?

The ability to organize my life so that there is really time for things that I am most passionate about. Hope that makes sense, but I need organization in my life in a BIG way!

3. Which words or phrases do you overuse most?

I’m not sure about this, but I know for the last several weeks I have probably overused “It’s too dang hot” and I probably utter “Lord give me strength” on a daily basis several times throughout the day.

4. What is your favorite movie, book or both?

This is sooo hard! So I’m going to cheat a little my favorite chick flick is “love jones” my favorite suspense movie is “Rear Window” and my favorite book is “Orange Mint & Honey”.

5. If you could go anywhere in the world for a creative retreat where might it be?

My first thought was Jamaica or some other island location because I would love to be near the water and while visiting Jamaica there were a number of resorts that would make heavenly creative retreats. If I’m unable to do an island retreat I would like to be near water in a secluded area – probably on the east coast of the United States.

That’s a little about me, what about you? What are your responses to the questions? I would love to hear from you!