Capturing A Moment In Time

Capturing the many unique and interesting experiences in life also draws me to the art of Photography, and the image below represents one of my recent experiences.

I recently visited Chicago to attend “Stitch and Pitch” which is an held by local Knitting Guilds and Major League Baseball. This was a gift to my niece an avid baseball fan/player and former knitter at the ripe age of 11.

Men Knit Too

The gentleman pictured was attending the same event and agreed to let me photograph him, because “Men Knit Too”!

Finding Your Eye ~ Prompt 1

So yesterday I created a post explaining why I chose photography as an art form and while on my quest to learn something new I accidentally deleted the page and the wonderful comments associated with it. I hope I’m getting this right on my second go-round!

So I have been taking pictures since I was in middle school and became fascinated with my Dad’s love of taking photos. Seeing the interest and trusting that it would not be fleeting my parents gifted me with my first SLR camera, a Nikon FG, that I have loved and cherished since that time.
With this camera I documented many events in Cleveland, OH and many family memories. I dabbled in the craft throughout high school and college and wanted to take it a step further but each time I looked into it as a college student I was told I had to start with Art classes. These classes all started with 101 Drawing which left me feeling intimidated because I CAN’T draw! 
Never to be turned away totally I signed up for photography classes offered by local community centers and even joined a few groups where I learned a little about developing film.
Fast forward to Christmas 2010 and my new Nikon 5000 and the bug was reignited. I enjoy capturing the moments in life, really like to capture candid shots of people and I am now trying to find beauty all around me.
In Kat’s “Finding Your Eye” series I hope to determine what really is my “eye” and experiencing even more joy from my photography.
This shot is one of my favorites and I believe it sums up what I feel when I’m taking photos – joy, happiness, spontaneity. I have titled it Free because that what I feel when I look at this shot.

Picture Inspiration ~ Feet

I’m behind in many of my endeavors so I’m playing a little catch up tonight. This is a photo for Tracey Clark’s Picture Inspiration Series and the prompt was to capture your feet wherever you might be. Well my feet were in Chicago when the prompt was issued two weeks ago. When I read it I was excited about the fact that I would be out of town, and then I was ecstatic when I looked down and saw the manhole cover telling me where I was.
Enjoy! I had fun shooting this photo!

Picture Inspiration ~ Feet