My First Postcard!!!

How excited I was today to find my first Liberate Your Art postcard in the mail! My first work of art came from Valerie-Jael, and it is definitely a fine piece!

While receiving this card was truly an exciting time, I also felt like I was out of my league. Valerie is definitely an artist, but don’t take my word for it, below is a photo of her work.

Art work by Valerie-Jael

It was so fitting that I received this mail today in the wake of reading a wonderful post the other day about another Postcard project. Over at the blog Tea & Cookies, blogger Tara Weaver talks about a Postcard Project she started, and the feelings she recounts when she received hand written mail was very similar to what I felt today and I don’t even know Valerie. It felt so good to look at the days mail and find something other than bills or junk! Thanks to Kat Sloma for starting the Liberate Your Art Swap!

Link Love

As I attempt to formulate my thoughts into cohesive thoughts I thought I would share some link love! The links below are some of the sites I regularly follow..places where I find inspiration and just some great information. I hope you learn something new, or meet a new webfriend!

Chookooloonks – Written by Karen Walrond of Houston, TX. This is a wonderful blog both for the fabulous images and the wonderful stories she shares. Currently traveling in Kenya with The One Campaign, her travelogue will move you to action!

The Kat Eye View of The World – Written by Kat Sloma of Corvalis, Oregon. Looking for photography tips or inspiration! Well this is definitely a place to start! Kat is the brains behind the Liberate Your Art Swap I recently participated in. Check her out!

Tayari Jones/Author of Silver Sparrow – The name says it all. This is the blog of author Tayari Jones and currently she is keeping readers abreast of all things Silver Sparrow, but when not promoting she offers a wealth of good information on writing, publishing and great reading! If you’re a bookie as I am it’s a must!

If you’re looking for varying views on the world, family or just about anything in between then check out Vision and Verb a collaborative site written by women from all over the world. These women also share some great photos with wonderful in sight and wisdom!

White Readers Meet Black Authors – Looking for something to read, stop here first! Author Carleen Brice started this site and seeks to encourage an open minded look at some of the great material written by authors of color. Check out her site as well here. Currently she’s releasing a chapter a month of her new work for .99.

Photo Inspiration can be found regularly at Shutter Sisters!

If you’re looking for groundedness and creative inspiration try going to Summer Camp! Find details here.


Removing the Rust – Back to Blogging

Wow, this has been a very busy summer and it has kept me away from this page – Not Good! I haven’t posted in nearly almost two months, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t anything to tell you guys about instead I have been swamped with planning my biennial Family Reunion and life!
The Shockley-Beatty Family Reunion is now under my belt and all-in-all it was a fabulous event! More than 120 Shockley’s and Beatty’s converged on Cleveland, Ohio for four days earlier this month and it was a lot of work, but I hope a lot of fun for all those who attended.

One of the best parts of this event was the fact that family members came from all over this wonderful country of ours – as far away as South Dakota and as close as Elyria, Ohio. Many of my cousins met one another for the first time and reunited with family members they had not seen in many years.

The Shockley-Beatty 2011 Family Photo

The true highlights are the Family Olympics when young and old form teams and compete in some of the wildest games you have ever seen – it’s a blast and has become a staple of our reunions. This was our third Olympics and teams are already talking about the next Olympics.

Family Olympics – the Snail Race

One of my personal highlights was the production of “The Shockley’s Journey to Oz” my adaptation of the Wizard of Oz! This is the family’s second production and because of the popularity it is also becoming a family tradition. In “The Shockley’s Journey to Oz” I traced the family journey from Marion, Tennessee in 1915 to present day. It was a blast!

Easing on down the road, a scene from “The Shockley’s Journey to Oz

With the reunion behind us I am returning to my writing, photography and life journey. Thank you to Kat Sloma over at The Kat Eye View of the World, for today’s blog title. Today I read her newsletter and the topic was removing rust – a task I will be completing over the next few weeks.