Today’s One-Minute Writer Post:

Oh to have the youthful exuberance of a child again. Children have such vivid imaginations and even today they will hold conversations with “imaginary” friends. They see people as people and don’t see color lines. Why if you put a group of children in a room and give them a few toys they will play and interact and make their new “best friend” in an inkling. If only we were all so open and free spirited in our beliefs, this world would be a much better place.

Trying Something A Little Different

About a year ago, I decided to free myself and most importantly, my hair, from my dangerous addiction to heat. Actually, I had been attempting for a couple of years to go free during the summer months, but the look really wasn’t happening. I regularly had ends that would not revert to their natural state and this really boggled my mind, because I had not relaxed my hair; the only chemicals were coloring.
Then last summer it just seemed that nothing was working and I talked with a co-worker who had begun wearing her hair naturally and decided to take the plunge. I cut my hair and began wearing it natural and it really began to curl on its own. The only problem was humidity has never been my friend, and anyone who knows Cleveland summers understands my pain. Instead of the curly ringlets left after a shower or shampoo, the minute the air hit my hair I had what I called a curly ‘fro. Not the look I was hoping for, but I stuck it out, only blow drying and flat ironing my hair once – for my friend’s wedding.
The results have been wonderful. I believe my hair has become a little thicker and I know it is healthier, but I’m still not a fan of the shrinkage.
Fast forward to June and I receive an email from my friend and former writing group member, author Lori Johnson informing me and others that she is preparing a series on Natural Women as a prelude to the release of her next novel, A Natural Woman, and asking if we would like to submit a story. While reading her blog I came across a number of links on natural hair, maintenance and the journey to natural.
So, last week I decided to twist my hair as a change. The picture above is after three days. Not sure if it’s the look I’m after, but the feedback has been great. What do you think?
Check out Lori’s blog to hear more stories on the road to becoming a truly Natural Woman.