What a Week!

I thought the week would never end! There are about four different projects going on at work and getting everyone to do their part is like pulling the proverbial teeth, but it looks like we are on track to have a successful event in May. Then there is the newsletter and two brochures I’ve been commissioned to design and let us not forget Greeting Cards I need to make and market. As a friend said to me this morning “Be careful what you pray for!” I’m happy to be busy – I just wish other things would fall into place and make my life a little easier.

My wonderful computer that I will not speak of in anything less than a flattering fashion is holding on, but heaven knows I need a new one, thus the extra work which is made more difficult to complete when Bessie here is having a bad day so please pray for Bessie and me we need it!

To compound the busy week, my car would not start Thursday morning and here it is Saturday afternoon and I am still without transportation. Does anyone else feel it, or is it just me? I think some bad gods are frowning on me, but I will persevere and have faith that “this too shall pass.”

Received a wonderful email from my college friend Z! Was happy to hear from her, we hadn’t talked in a number of years and she sounds happy and busy!

Also learned that my good friend’s daughter was accepted into Stanford’s MBA/JD program for the fall, which was great news because she is a very bright and capable young woman who I’m sure we will be reading about soon.

Speaking of reading, I just finished Snake Walkers by J. Everett Prewitt. What a great book. A good portion of the book is set in Cleveland, OH which happens to be hometown for both Prewitt and me. Snake Walkers recounts the Civil Rights Era through the eyes of a young reporter, and offers a new perspective on the movement but the most important theme running throughout the novel is the importance of family. It is a wonderful read, so if you have the time stop by the local bookstore and pick up Snake Walkers, you won’t regret it. To learn more about Prewitt and Snake Walkers, click on his name it will take you to his Website.

I’ve recently completed the first chapter in a yet unnamed novel, which I must get back to. Will post later about the atrocities taking place at Duke University. I’ve read some interesting commentary on the matter. Check out Rachels Tavern for her take on “White Guys Gone Wildng”.

Racism both past and present seems to be on the minds of many lately. Check out Tayari Jones’ blog for Pearl Cleage’s insightful essay on holding a reading at the Margaret Mitchell House. Powerful!