I.N.N .- To the Nth Degree

First I have to thank Tom Joyner for my title, which if you’re not familiar is an acronym for “Ignorant Negro News”. This evening I was taking in the news when I heard the following story that I am now paraphrasing:
Garfield Heights (a suburb of Cleveland) police decided this weekend to do a sting of sorts on illegally parked cars on Broadway Avenue a major thoroughfare in this small suburb. The report said they and residents were fed up with the many vehicles regularly parked illegally near a Sport Bar. So they called out the towing company the city has a contract with and began citing and towing all illegally parked vehicles. One young lady comes out of the club to find her car has been towed and decides she will beat the system because as the tow truck operator is hoisting up other cars she gets a ride to the impound lot which is apparently unattended and drives off in her car, using a second set of keys. I’m not sure why she used a second set, but that’s neither here nor there. She then retires for the evening only to be awakened a short time later by police officers standing over her announcing that she is now going to be charged with theft of her own car and the car is towed again. She and her mother state the police overreacted and she had no idea they would track her down.
Now my question is what made her think she could get away with just idly stopping by the impound lot and retrieving her car? Secondly I want to know why her mother was supporting her in her actions?
This is exactly why children, teens and young adults do such idiotic things – they don’t believe there are consequences for their actions and why should you if your parents support your idiocy?
To read for yourself check out this site Newsnet5.