Blog Hop ~ Liberate Your Art

I recently had the pleasure of participating in the “Liberate Your Art” Postcard Swap hosted by Kat Sloma of The Kat Eye View! What an experience and what a pleasure.

I rarely think of myself as an artist, or even artistically inclined, I do however love photography and that is a form of art. I have dabbled in photography since I was about 15 when my parents purchased my first 35mm SLR camera, but I have always steered away from this joy because when I was in college and wanted to pursue photography courses I was told I had to take art classes as a prerequisite. Part of me understood the reason for this, but my angry twin refused to enter into these entry level art classes because I can not draw!

So instead I just pulled out my camera and took photos, not necessarily thinking about the composition, lighting etc. It worked for me! For the most part I take great pictures and because they are usually of people they were fine. As long as they weren’t blurry and out of focus I was doing good – capturing the moment and usually coming away with a good shot.

Recently I have decided to develop more into photography through the use of Internet sites and photo prompts offered by a wealth of women online. I’m still not going to call myself a professional photographer, but I have a better understanding of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture but most importantly how these three functions come together to give you a great exposure!

With that in mind, and after taking a number of shots over the last year I decided to look at some of my favorite shots as art and liberate them and myself by participating in the Postcard Swap! It was a freeing experience for me because I am not always a fan of my work and this was an opportunity to say “You can do this and someone will enjoy it (hopefully)!”

While I didn’t receive a lot of feedback, I did receive some and I enjoyed the art that came my way. I had the opportunity to connect with women from as far away as Germany and as close – if you want to call it close as New York City!

Below you will find photos of the Postcards I received and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did. I would gladly participate again!

The works of art I received during the Postcard Swap!

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