Liberate Your Art: Postcard 3!

On Friday I received my third blessing of art in the mail. The work comes from Deb C and contains a wonderful message! Take a peek and to see more of her wonderful art stop by her site, which can be found by clicking here.

Embrace Ambiguity
Liberated art from Deb! Visit her at Unfortunately it looks like I had a little shake when taking this.

Happy Saturday! Beyond Layers Scavenger Hunt

Wow it’s Saturday morning and I’m not at work! That’s a big Yay!! Even better I don’t have any deadlines looming for other projects so I can take a big SIGH and enjoy the rest of this Anniversary weekend!

Last night was really nice, and a big THANK YOU to all who sent well wishes! Still playing catch up here so below you will find Pieces of Me as part of the Beyond Layers Scavenger Hunt this week. I’ve post some of these to Instagram, but none here yet, so here goes it. Have a great weekend!


My favorite chair. I love to curl up with a book and read in this spot.
Happened to see this chalkboard message as I walked out of a store and needed to capture it.


A kitchen faucet
My kitchen faucet
My front door
View of my front door, glaring need to repaint or redo stairs ugh! Can serve double duty as my mailbox is also featured.



A beautiful chandelier. Doesn’t really fit the scavenger hunt because it is not in my home so not a piece of me, but I thought it was beautiful.
Books I am currently reading “Pym” by Mat Johnson and “Some Things That Stay” by Sarah Willis


Iced Tea
My favorite beverage is tea of all kinds, but this is what is known as Auntie’s Tea because my niece and nephew love it and have coined it this way.
Backyard view
View from my window facing my now decimated back yard.

That’s it for today, and a note this is actually being posted on Sunday!


A little insight into me – 5 Fact Friday

5 Fact Friday

Yea it’s Friday! This has been a very busy week and I’m glad to see it come to a close, well at least the work part.

So over at Reflection of You the theme for the month of August is to share a little about yourself each Friday by offering five facts. Today I have decided to join in, because I’m really trying to catch up on posting to this site and keeping up with some of my online communities.

Here it goes:

1. Today is my 10th Wedding Anniversary.

2. I’m the fourth of six children.

3. Procrastination should be my middle name.

4. Because of No. 3 I have found that I do some of my best work when under the gun.

5. I’m working hard on living life to its fullest!


Liberate Your Art Postcard 2

Coming home after a long day and finding a beautiful piece of art in the mailbox is so exhilarating! Today wasn’t a crazy busy day at work so the level of exhilaration was lower than Friday, but indeed the treat was just as exciting!

Thanks to Meg of for bringing a burst of beautiful color into my day. Her artwork is just so vibrant and energizing. The piece I received is just beautiful with layers of primary colors just perfect for this “back to school” time of year. It made me think of the beginning of the school year particularly for the young students just learning all about primary colors.

There is a great deal of detail within the piece, but not to the point of taking away from the warm and simple appeal. I could see this as a lovely quilt handcrafted with love.

Thanks Meg and to all of you out there please take a peek at Meg’s site.


Liberate Your Art by Tangerine Pam
beautiful bold art for bold souls by tangerinepam