Farewell to CoCo

My posts have been few and far between and I really hope to change that with this posting and those from here on out. There has been a lot going on lately to spark my curiosity and raise my dander, but first I must say farewell to my sweet pup Coco.
My precious CoCo went to sleep February 1, 2006 and although she was 10 years old, she will always be remembered as my puppy. She joined the family as a wee little pup only 5 mounths old and she grabbed a piece of my heart from the moment I saw her.

Always full of energy you would never have guessed she was 10 until about 2 weeks before she went to sleep that final night. It had been a grueling week for her as she stopped eating and would only wag her tail from beneath my bed when I came home.

On January 31st I knew that something was terribly wrong and that she was really suffering. That night she moaned and whined all night and I’ll never forget sitting in front of the firepalce with her head on my lap trying to comfort her until morning.

That morning we went to the Vet’s office and if I didn’t know it before we arrived I was certain that she was desperately ill when she took her place on the steel examining table and did not shiver. She didn’t mind that the doctor was drawing blood, she just lay there with sad eyes asking for help.

Not able to have her admitted we took her home with meds to await the call from the Vet that would tell us what was wrong. The call never came. I awoke that morning to find my precious puppy had gone to sleep permanently at the foot of my bed.

The pain of losing a pet is unbearable, but with each day it has gotten a little easier.

Farewell my sweet pet, I hope you’re enjoying yourself in the doggie here after and that you and Abby are romping through the greener pastures on the other side.

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