RIP Kaelin Mykal Hampton

The day you entered this world your steps had been ordered.

With little steps you walked into the hearts of many. With few words, but meaningful action you let us know that love and kindness were deep within your soul. As you grew into the handsome young man you were destined to be, the shyness had begun to recede, you were blossoming! Sports were a highlight of your life and you were excelling! We didn’t know the giant steps you were taking were going to become hollow memories in our minds and hearts. The pace had increased and you were spreading your wings. Wings that would take you to a far away place.
A place where there is no pain, only the love and kindness you shared with us during your brief visit. Your steps were ordered, you fulfilled His plan for you. Our hearts ache, yet are filled with joyous.
The joy brought on by the happy memories our hearts.

Rest easy sweet Kaelin, we love you and miss you but we will meet again on the other side.

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