Working through Life’s Frustrations

Have you ever had a day when it seemed that everything you touched fell apart? I’m sure you have – well I’ve been having one of those days for that last two days!

Unwilling to let the chaos that has become my life take over I continue to push forward and try to make sense out of the stumbling blocks placed in front of me. Today was moving along smoothly when one obstacle after the other was thrown into my path, but I stood strong and said I would not let them defeat or define my day!

Affirmations like that don’t always work, but today I received the perfect gift to aid me in finding solace while cloaked in chaos. This wonderful tea set, came complete with tea and rock sugar.

A tea lovers delight
My new Tea Pot…friendships are wonderful!

This gift was as much a symbol of friendship as it was a sign to take my current work “tea pot” home for a good scrubbing. Now this doesn’t mean it never gets washed it just means that it has seen A Lot of black tea and it shows!

Tea Lab
James the Tea Technician prepares an afternoon beverage for yours truly.

The barriers and obstacles seeking to upend my spirits apparently weren’t aware of the team of supporters I have amassed, because not thirty minutes after receiving the wonderful gift shown above I received a call about a new shop aptly called “Tea Lab” where I can get all of the best tea ware along with delicious flavors.

So there you have it, the perfect way to work through life’s frustration – a nice cup of tea!

**Note this was written on Monday and as a sign of how frightful this week has been – I just got around to posting today!