Why Do You Create?

So the question is fairly simple, what is the driving force behind your creations? Are you seeking approval, joy, accolades, or do you love what you do?

I’m sure that is something we have all grappled with a time or two, and I was reminded of this today over at “Beyond Layers” when Kim Klassen our guide recounted some awesome feedback she received on some of her work featured on Flickr. That’s a good thing right? Well of course it is, that is until you begin to base your work on accolades, positive feedback and how you can outdo the last piece in order to receive more praise.

Now I don’t believe praise is wrong, and neither does Klassen, but the key to your creative spirit should be what makes you as an artist happy. It may not always be the best or receive the most praise but at its core it is a piece of you – your creation!

I’m paraphrasing, but Kim questioned if we (artists) found ourselves constantly checking for new comments on our work, and basing our creations on the thoughts of others? Well I didn’t have to think about it because I know the sense of elation I have each time I receive comments on my photos. I feel validated in some way, but also I feel inspired. The support and camaraderie I have found on the internet really helps to fuel my creative spirit, but I haven’t always had this platform – nor have many of us.

The one area I continue to struggle with is with my writing. It is always difficult to start a new piece and see it through to the end, because I have demons or little minions telling me it is not good enough. This is a battle I fight regularly, but I also seek out support in the form of writing groups. Here I am seeking more guidance and constructive criticism over praise. I don’t want to hear all praise without a suggestion for improvement, but ultimately I think that’s what we are all looking for when we open our souls and share our creations with the world.

So here’s to less obsession over positive comments and a shout out seeking constructive criticism that can guide us to higher levels of creativity.

So why do you create???

 Now, I’ll share some of my latest creations – Enjoy!

Continuing Color Week at Beyond Layers

Loving My IPhone

I recently made the decision to upgrade my phone to the highly popular IPhone, and I must say I’m very pleased.

As I think about the positives, the biggest is the battery life. In comparison to my old phone this is an LED bulb versus a cheap incandescent!

However, I am driven to write this post because of the “Goodreads” app! It is awesome !!! I immediately started scanning books, and thinking about how I can now get an accurate account of my library!

Don’t you just love it when little things bring you joy?!

Color Week @ Beyond Layers

As most of the U.S. basks in an early and unseasonably warm spring, the group over at Beyond Layers is celebrating the season by seeking out color! It is truly amazing what you see when you really look! While I didn’t find a lot of today’s color in unusual places, I did know exactly where to go – Rockefeller Greenhouse. The many flowers and plants housed at this inner city treasure are too many to begin to name. My visit today was an exhilarating break in the monotony of the work day!

Enjoy the colors with me!

Monday – Green
Eclectic Green Grass
Tuesday – Yellow
Happy Spring using Kim Klassen’s ‘and then some’ texture.
Wednesday – Pink
Thanks to Kim Klassen and all the wonderful ladies at Beyond Layers…they are all Beyond Awesome – to paraphrase Kim!

Happy First Day of Spring!

There is Spring Cleaning and then there is Sprrring Cleaning! I have taken part in the latter over the last couple of days and it has nothing to do with my home – although it needs a healthy dose too!

I have found myself playing catch-up as it relates to my photo projects and online classes and in an effort to be a better student I have been going through the hundreds of photos and sharing on Flickr as well as here.

Here is the latest batch of photos to surface from my Spring Cleaning.