Connecting through shared Art – 2014 Postcard Swap


2014 Postcard Swap
Be Amazing by Lyne Nagele

The beauty found in art is subjective making it difficult for many artists to release their work into our critical world. For the past four years Kat Sloma of the Kat Eye Studio has nudged artists and closet artists to release their creations into the world through her “Liberate Your Art” postcard swap.

The Swap was held in April and oh, the joy you experience when you open your mailbox and unique pieces of art flow freely into your world. My first piece of wonderful came from Lyne Nagele in the form of the tranquil countryside setting above.

More of Lyne’s work can be found here.


Thank you Lyne for liberating your art!

Gauge, gauge, gauge!!! It matters!

If you’re a knitter I’m sure you have taken a class and the instructor strongly urged you to check your gauge. I know I have heard that many times, and I usually comply.

If you look at the photo below it’s evident I didn’t. So as you pick up your needles for your next project remember to – CHECK THE GAUGE! I will!


National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day!

National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Who knew? Up until 8:30 a.m. this morning I had never heard of National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, but thanks to my enthusiastic assistant I am now in the know.

In honor of this day and our efforts to increase our social media activity at work we launched a little celebration in honor of this gooey day. The good new is – it worked, it was a very popular post on our Facebook page and most importantly for me, I sat down over the last few minutes to share this post.

So, did you know this day existed? What did you do to celebrate?

Well, let’s help each other celebrate next year – share your favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe and if you’re not the baker in the family, just share your favorite brand.

I’m not a baker and not a huge fan of Chocolate Chip Cookies, but when I have one that I enjoy you can bet it has nuts in it because that’s the way I like my chocolate. Today, I tried the Doubletree Hotel cookie and found it very enjoyable. Soft, gooey and chock full of walnuts!

I would love to hear from you, so won’t you join this conversation by leaving me a comment?

Thanks for stopping by and I’ll see you in this space soon!