Have you tried 750words.com?

Last week I received a message from a good friend saying check out 750words.com as a good site to help get the juices flowing and keep you on track with your writing goals.

I’m always looking for something to help me stay on task with my writing, so of course I took a look and signed up. As per my usual I didn’t do anything for the first few days, then I wrote a couple of hundred words one day. Then nothing.
I am pleased to announce that for the last three days I have stayed on task and I have written 750 words or more! Yay for me!!!
The first two days were just random thoughts, but today I rewrote a post I had left in the draft column since July. It’s the book review below.
I hope this is a positive trend – better yet, I’m going to make it a positive I won’t just hope. I have to control my destiny and this is one way to do it.
If you’re having trouble with your writing and looking for an inspirational tool – check it out here.