Still Missing You

It’s been a year and I still find myself picking up the telephone to call you about something outrageous I just heard, saw or read. I have gone as far as picking up the telephone and starting to dial before something, and sometimes I really think it’s you giving me a look like – O. K. get it together I’m not there.
The tears have subsided although today they were trying hard to appear. When I get sad I think about some of the happier times when we were doubled over with laughter and I say to myself “I miss you, but you’re in a better place.”
As I’m writing this I can’t help but think of the time we went on the Haunted Hayride – that was a blast, especially the loud protests from Keith!
Your family placed an “In Memoriam” ad in the paper today – you would have liked it. It was probably one of your best pictures albeit not one of the “glamour” shots, but the message was so fitting – you are missed by so many and that’s a good thing because it means you had a positive impact on the many lives you touched.
If Heaven is anything like we imagine it, I’m sure you’re busy working on some project with Darryl and Gerald or maybe you’ve joined John in spreading the good news in Heaven.
You know, when I think about it – 2006-2007 wasn’t a good year for those of us left here on earth with respect to loosing those we loved and/or admired. When I think about it, within the span of about what – nine months I experienced the deaths of a number of people. I remember when Gerald died – you were sick, but at that time I couldn’t even imagine that two short months later you, too would be gone. When I heard the news I picked up the phone and called you and you confirmed that it was indeed true.
While you’re up there keeping an eye on things down here, pay special attention over the next couple of months as we try to pull this wedding together. I’ve got to get the invitations just right for Thed and Billy so send me some inspiration.
Missing you, my sister, friend.

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