Postcards & Portraits for 5 Fact Friday

5 Fact Friday

So it’s Friday and time for a few facts. Today we’re going to mix in a little Liberate Your Art and Portraits into the mix. This may turn into a long post, but I’m really going to try and keep the words to a limit.

1. Today is the first day of Fall (I know it’s not supposed to be capitalized) my favorite time of the year!

Fall leaves
The leaves are beginning to change colors – a true sign of fall.
Buttercup, butternut, carnival and delicata squash
Another true sign of fall is winter squash perfect for making soups to keep you cozy on chilly nights.

2. I’m disappointed that I missed the closing of the 2nd Annual Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. While I received all of my cards I missed posting last weekend or the Annual Blog Hop. So, in honor of the blog hop here are my cards:

Postcard art
A lovely field of flowers from Jen Erbe
Liberate Your Art by Tangerine Pam
beautiful bold art for bold souls by tangerinepam
Liberate Your Art
Deb C. liberated this piece of art urging us all to ’embrace amiguity’.
Abstract art
For the first attempt at abstract art I think Colleen was successful.
A gull
Mary Gordon’s gull was so serene – just love it.
Flowers on a path
This lovely bouquet comes from our host Kat Sloma

3. Today I had a portrait photography session – pretty cool to play around in a studio setting.

Natalie takes on the persona of the movie star.
Librarian look
Natalie poses as a librarian.

Portrait Photography

Charles was a very willing and photogenic model.

4. The interest in Help-Portrait Cleveland is growing, yippee!

5. The festival season is coming to a close, meaning I will hopefully have more free time! Yay, yay, yay!!!!

That’s it for today/night. I hope you all have a great weekend, and thank you to all who have stopped by and left messages or “liked” the posts!


Seeking Cleveland photographers, other volunteers


I’m looking to launch Help-Portrait Cleveland this December and in order to make this a successful project I need help.

If you’re not familiar with Help-Portrait, please stop by their site. On the site you will find a lot of great information, but in a nutshell it’s an international photo project offering those less fortunate than maybe you and I to experience a professional photography session.

We will set up a portrait studio and take photos of individuals and families that are not accustomed to having their photos taken professionally and then present them with a print – all for FREE!

All of the details have not been ironed out just yet, but we are seeking volunteers and sponsors. The volunteers would be photographers, make up artists, graphic designers, and anyone willing to help bring a smile to the faces of Cleveland families that don’t always have a lot to smile about.

Photographers would provide their own equipment i.e., cameras, lighting, backdrops and anything else you feel you would need for portrait photography. If you have a laptop or printer you’re willing to provide that would be great too!

If you are willing to sponsor this event some of the items we need are photo paper, printers, computers and a site to set up our studio. The event is planned to concur with other events around the world on Saturday, December 8, 2012 – what a great present!

If you or someone you know might be interested in assisting with this project, please visit our page and leave a message, or respond to this post.

Let’s work together to bring some cheer to local families this holiday season! The more the merrier and all ideas and suggestions are welcome.


5 Fact Friday for Saturday ~ long story

5 Fact FridayHappy Saturday! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day. It is a beautiful day here in Cleveland. The weather is perfect for late summer/early fall and it’s a busy time in our town. Now on to business.

I wrote this post on Friday and was oh so excited because I just knew I would have my first official post created on my IPad – NOT! It was such a disaster, but I’ll tell you more about that in a few. First let’s talk about the Facts! As you read these, remember they were written on the IPad first!

1. I am publishing this post using my IPad, yippee!

A shot of this post on the IPad…well that is the original post.

2. I am (originally) posting from Houston

Rainbow over Clear Lake
This was the view I was greeted with as I entered my hotel room in Clear Lake, TX – Beautiful isn’t it.

4. I’m no longer a hater of all things Space thanks to Space Center Houston and a couple of cool Astronauts – Michael Fossum and Ron Garan.

Astronaut Ron Garan presents during the Ragan Communication Conference “Social Media for Government Communicators” at Space Center Houston.

5. I’m really loving my Kelly Moore Bag, what a lifesaver it was for this trip.

Kelly Moore Classic
My wonderful new Kelly Moore Camera Bag, which holds so much more. What a lifesaver…I love it.

So back to the challenges with bringing you this post. I have downloaded the WordPress App and found that it is not very user friendly. As I wrote the post I was unable to add the photos and place them exactly where I wanted them. Then there was the problem with adding the header. Each time I added it, I was then unable to add text, oh and before that I couldn’t access the header and even attempting to download it again to my IPad didn’t work.

I vowed I wouldn’t let the device win, but I am sad to say I was defeated for now. I really want to make sure I’m posting regularly and I was so excited about posting from the IPad but when it didn’t work I needed to share the challenges.

If any of you have experienced similar issues and have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


Navy Week in Cleveland & Blue Angels

The Labor Day weekend and the week preceding it were very busy in Cleveland as the U.S. Navy anchored along Lake Erie to offer residents and visitors a peak into what life is like for Sailors.

Blue Angel flies over Cleveland Browns Stadium
A Blue Angel does a fly-over Cleveland Browns Stadium – Cool isn’t it!

The Week was held in conjunction with the Bicentennial of the War of 1812, which was only fitting if you recall the Battle of Lake Erie and around these parts there are a number of landmarks to remember Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who led the naval victory.

US Navy Blue Angels
Navy Blue Angels in formation over the skies of Cleveland.

Over the next several weeks, I’ll feature photos from that action packed week in this space. Today I thought I’d share the first video I created with my camera and a couple of shots of the Blue Angels, however because of space limitations I can’t embed, but you can see it here.


Liberate Your Art with birds and abstracts

The 2nd Annual Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap is officially coming to a close. Over the last several days I received my last three cards, and as with the previous cards they helped to lift my spirits at the end of a long day!

The first was compliments of Mary Gordon who blogs here. The wonderfully liberated art is of a gull from Scotland. This gull is sitting at attention and appears to be watching over the land with a beautiful blue sky as a background. Adding texture to the shot is the apparatus it is perched upon, and no I don’t know what it is but it is a bit worn and adds great contrast and texture to the photo. Take a peek for yourself:

Gull perched at attention
This gull stands watch over land in Scotland and is the fourth piece of liberated art I have received.

My fifth postcard comes from Colleen and features her first attempt at Abstract! Now I’m still coming to terms with calling myself an artist so let me say I’m not an expert, but I believe that Colleen has hit her mark! It is a beautiful work and features some of my favorite hues. I just love the earth tones…browns, golden, red, cream and a hint of yellow. I am slightly envious of Colleen’s courage, I mean how many of us are strong enough to release the first of something we have created into the world for total strangers to gaze at? But that’s the point behind Kat’s Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap and all I can say is THANK YOU KAT! So what do you think, here’s Collen’s abstract:

Abstract art
Colleen’s first attempt at abstract! Don’t you think this is wonderful, I do.

I also received the bonus postcard featuring the art of our tour guide Kat, and as always it was a beauty. A bounty of flowers along a brick pathway! The colors and textures are just what a photographer hopes to capture in her lens.

Well that’s it for liberating your art, well until I believe next week when Kat will host a blog hop. I hope you’ll continue to stop by so that you can see some of the magnificent art that has traveled around the world to brighten the mailboxes of the recipients.