Wednesdays @ The Westside Market – Seafood Edition

One of the things that makes the West Side Market such a great place is the variety of foods found under one roof. From fruits and vegetables to all varieties of meat and seafood.

Not only are the varieties vast, but they are unique too. As an example, today we are checking out Wolf Fish. You read that right Wolf! I had never heard of this variety until the spots of the fish caught my eye when passing the counter. I didn’t make a purchase that day, but in the future I’m sure to test it out, and when I do I’ll be sure to share it here with you.

Wolf Fish
Wolf Fish was a recent selection at Classic Seafood at the West Side Market.


Wednesday @ West Side Market

This week’s entry shows the rejuvenation of this beautiful landmark. Week’s after fire devastated portions of the Market crowds of Clevelanders and suburbanites rallied behind this iconic place and came out to show their love.

If you’ve never been to Cleveland’s West Side Market and you live here, do yourself a favor and check it out. If you’re planning to visit, add it to your must see sights!

West Side Market Wednesday
Crowds gather at the West Side Market. Theresa’s seems to be the hot spot at the moment.

Wednesdays @ The West Side Market

Welcome to a new feature – Wednesdays @ The West Side Market! Each week I’ll feature a photo from Cleveland’s iconic public market. The Market celebrated its Centennial last year and is currently experiencing larger than normal crowds following a fire early this year.

Campbell's Cupcakes
Grandma Campbell’s Cupcakes are a popular stand at the West Side Market. Pictured. Check out the colorful earthworms.