Biking is therapeutic!

A selfie of Slow Roll Cleveland and my bike buddy and sister Sharyn (in the striped shirt).

A  few years ago I started biking for the first time since high school – a good twenty plus years ago. At the time I just knew it would be fun! I had no idea it would be good therapy. Until today it was fun, and a great way to get in shape.

Tonight after a grueling day I participated in the weekly Slow Roll Cleveland. The rides are an opportunity to promote safe biking and to increase awareness in the concept of a shared road – auto and bike traffic.

Today’s Roll was in my general neighborhood and served as a true stress reliever complete with beautiful views of Lake Erie.

A selfie as I ride along Lake Erie at Euclid Beach Park.

So if you’re looking to relieve some stress join Slow Roll Cleveland. For details check out their Facebook page. If you’re not in Cleveland, don’t fret there’s probably a chapter in your city.