See Artwork created from recycled toy guns!

Local organizations to unveil winning artwork in “Anti-Gun Violence Art Competition”

Cleveland, OH – Gun violence is pervasive in our communities and Rid-All Green Partnership has joined with several local organizations to bring awareness to the problem while promoting their mission of sustainability through the creation of beautiful artwork using recycled toy guns.

On Saturday, September 12th a celebration will be held at The Rid-All Green Partnership, 8129 Otter Road (off East 82nd and Kinsman) to showcase the work of student and adult artists and to unveil the winning piece from the “Anti-Gun Violence Art Competition” held last winter in conjunction with the first “Toy Gun Buy Back Program.”

The Competition was one component of the “Toy Gun Buy Back Program,” sponsored  in conjunction with The Gloria Pointer Teen Movement and Inner Visions. Both of these organizations work within the community to combat violence and create community dialogue around these issues.

The community leaders will also take a moment to honor local journalist Rachel Dissell with the Community Humanitarian Journalism Award. Yvonne Pointer said of Dissell, “Rachel is a godsend! She not only tells the stories of Cleveland, but also goes out of her way to help effect change during her free time. She has been a tremendous help to the “Toy Gun Buy Back Program,” and we just want to say a proper thank you to her.”

Rachel Dissell, left, will be honored withe the Community Humanitarian Journalism Award. She is pictured with Yvonne Pointer and Jennifer Richvun late last year. (Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Pointer)
Rachel Dissell, left, will be honored withe the Community Humanitarian Journalism Award. She is pictured with Yvonne Pointer and Jennifer Richvun late last year. (Photo Courtesy of Yvonne Pointer)

Damien Forshe, co-founder of Rid-all Foundation said, “This is a celebration to recognize all of the participants and to show the community the wealth of talent we have amongst our young people.” The celebration will be held from 3 p.m. – 5 p.m. and will include fun activities for the entire family along with food and entertainment. This event continues the foundation’s goal to raise awareness around the issue of gun violence and to engage youth in alternative activities.

About Rid-All – Our mission is to transform communities, starting with 3 acres in Cleveland’s Kinsman Neighborhood, known as the Forgotten Triangle.   We’ve reclaimed the land for growing fruits and vegetables, farming fish, creating soil from food waste discarded by others and more. We’ve constructed two green houses, four hoop houses, a tepee and an edible trail to add to our fish farming.  The Rid-All organization has also developed a keen interest in youth development and has implemented programs such as essay contests, science education programs for Cleveland Metropolitan School students and a summer Youth Farmer Leadership Program.  Visit for more information.

About Gloria Pointer Teen Movement – Our purpose is to honor unsung heroes who are committed to stopping violence and saving America’s children. Our concept is to provide events that will raise awareness and provide continuous dialogue that lead to change in communities across the country.

 About Inner Visions – Our mission is to create a safe, thriving region where inequities are eliminated and relationships of mutual benefit are formed. We connect people across neighborhood boundaries to work on meaningful grassroots community improvement projects.


Finding beauty in the mailbox – One postcard at a time!

Adding beauty to my workplace. A few of the cards found a home on my cork board.

Have you ever looked around your world and wonder, “What happened to the beauty?” I know that I find myself asking that question more than I like to admit, so I try to seek out beauty. It can be found in a face, a building renovation, the sun, flowers, beautiful blue skies. You just have to stop and look for it.

Well every year for the past five years I have been fortunate enough to receive that beauty in my mailbox as part of the annual Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap. The Swap is organized by Kat Sloma, an accomplished artist, teacher and owner of The Kat Eye Studio.

Through her site and classes she has amassed a group of artists, wannabe artists (that would be me) and encouraged us to release our fears and inhibitions by sharing the beauty we create with the world! That’s true awesomeness!

The inaugural card this year suggested childhood whimsy and read, “Always remember the simplicity of a child – Smile!” This card is the work of Maggie_Gem as she is known on Click on her name to see more! Thank you Maggie!

A gem from Maggie_Gem, "Always remember the simplicity of a child - Smile!"
A gem from Maggie_Gem, “Always remember the simplicity of a child – Smile!”

Breezing in from California wine country was this beautiful landscape card created by Jasmine. Transplanted from New York, Jasmine takes photos of landscapes to “help me appreciate my new home.” To follow her adventures on the left coast pop over to Instagram @jasmine_sk. Thanks for the beautiful photo Jasmine and enjoy your adventures in Cali.

California wine country landscapes by jasmine_ck. Follow her on Instagram.
California wine country landscapes by jasmine_ck. Follow her on Instagram.

I’m an avid reader so I was pleased to see that Kathryn V. White shared her book cover as her entry into the 2015 LYA Swap! To learn more about Kathryn and Rumble Tumble Joy, visit her site here. Thank  you Kathryn, I look forward to reading your work.

When the sunsets on a perfect night the view is calming and vibrant depending on how you capture it. Many hues of red, orange and yellow are present with tinges of blue. Chelsea captured the beauty of this nightly treasure in the photo below, and I thank her for its beauty as well as her quote, “Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” To see more of her work follow her on Instagram – @chelsasaurus or her website here.

Sunset by Chelsea Rawson.
Sunset by Chelsea Rawson.

An aquatic beauty greeted me as I received my final participant postcard from I loved her quote from Brenda Ueland, “Imagination needs moodlng – long, inefficient, happy, idling, dawdling and puttering.” I can really relate to that concept when attempting to create! Visit Sheila’s site for more wonderful art.

Aquatic Beauty by Sheila Delgado.
Aquatic Beauty by Sheila Delgado.

From the curator of this wonderful event came the beauty below. The textures and hues make me feel warm all over – what about you?

Beautiful fall leaves by Kat Sloma.
Beautiful fall leaves by Kat Sloma.

I hope you have enjoyed the art I received and I encourage you to visit these ladies and bask in even more awesomeness and beauty. Thanks for stopping by.

~Until we meet again

Connecting through shared Art – 2014 Postcard Swap


2014 Postcard Swap
Be Amazing by Lyne Nagele

The beauty found in art is subjective making it difficult for many artists to release their work into our critical world. For the past four years Kat Sloma of the Kat Eye Studio has nudged artists and closet artists to release their creations into the world through her “Liberate Your Art” postcard swap.

The Swap was held in April and oh, the joy you experience when you open your mailbox and unique pieces of art flow freely into your world. My first piece of wonderful came from Lyne Nagele in the form of the tranquil countryside setting above.

More of Lyne’s work can be found here.


Thank you Lyne for liberating your art!