365 Photo Challenge – Day 8

Feeling refreshed after a wonderful Sunday! It was a gorgeous day on the north coast, the sun was brilliant and the air was brisk but not bone chilling – what more could you ask for in January in Cleveland?

The highlight of the day was a meet-up with two of my Literary Sistas at Starbucks. It’s always great to see Kim our founding Sista who now resides overseas and only gets home once or twice a year. Just love her, she is such an inspiration and just an all around great person. I get to see Angela more often, but she is just as special – she has a great heart and is a pleasure to be around. Love them both.
As we parted Kim made note of the moon which was kind of eerie and reminded me of the old TV show “Dark Shadows”. So there you have it, my Photo of the Day!
Have a wonderful week!

Angela, a great friend and Literary Sista

Literary Sistas founder Kim

OPD-8-JAN 8 2012, the Eerie Moon