365/66 Photo Challenge Check-In

Winter has finally come to the “north coast” so I spent a relaxing day with my laptop. No need to venture out into the blustery cold – been there done that (maybe tomorrow).

Started the day of relax with Ali Edwards and a video chat for One Little Word. What in inspiring way to start the day. The group offered up tips for a successful year and some great humor too! During an exchange about apps for the Iphone one respondent said “I’d give up my right arm for my Iphone”, now if that’s not an endorsement I haven’t heard any!

After the chat I was supposed to get moving on my word and a number of other projects, but I got stuck working on the post processing of some photos. Oh, I did stop and take a few shots, but after that it was the laptop all day.

Between playing with photos and “Words With Friends” I can say it was an enjoyable day.

These are the highlights:

Fresh popped – OPD-13-JAN 13 2012

Inspired by OLW chat and preparation for Beyond Layers  with Kim Klassen

OPD-14-JAN 14 2012

Inspired by this week’s Picture Inspiration and the chill outside!

Picture Inspiration ~ Feet

I’m behind in many of my endeavors so I’m playing a little catch up tonight. This is a photo for Tracey Clark’s Picture Inspiration Series and the prompt was to capture your feet wherever you might be. Well my feet were in Chicago when the prompt was issued two weeks ago. When I read it I was excited about the fact that I would be out of town, and then I was ecstatic when I looked down and saw the manhole cover telling me where I was.
Enjoy! I had fun shooting this photo!

Picture Inspiration ~ Feet

Finding your creative edge

I think I am really beginning to find my creative edge. It hasn’t shifted over to my writing just yet, but I believe it will soon. The creativity of late has been with photography, thanks to the folks over at Big Picture Classes!
Picture Inspiration has really given me a lot to think about creatively. The weekly prompts from Tracy Clark are really inspiring. As an example, last week the prompt was Rhythm. The task was to find the rhythm in your life and capture it through your lens. I don’t know that I truly fulfilled this goal, but it definitely has me thinking about rhythm and how to show it.
Motif was the next prompt, and I was really surprised by the many motifs we pass in our daily lives. The photos below were shot for motifs, but I really think the flaming fence has a sense of rhythm.
I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Mastering Manual and Elisha Snow here as well, because without her weekly tips, prompts and assignments I would not have been able to capture these photos.

This is about the third posting on Big Picture Classes and I promise I am not a spokesperson, just a truly satisfied customer!