Welcoming 2012 with A Photo a Day Challenge

As I embark on 2012 I have a number of challenges I am attempting to fulfill. I’m opposed to resolutions mainly  because it seems that it is trite and something that most people end of failing to complete – myself included. I don’t recall making any resolutions in the last several years. Instead I have attempted to go into each new year with an optimistic view of the days to come and a plan to live a better life.

For the most part I can say that I have partially achieved those goals each year, so this year I decided to take a more concerted approach at self-improvement and making 2012 a fabulous year. The first step was to challenge myself to take A Photo A Day for the next 366 days (remember 2012 is a leap year).

Originally I felt the first day would not be a challenge at all because I would have ample opportunity at our annual New Year’s Day dinner at my cousin’s house; however a nasty virus took over her household earlier this week and dinner was cancelled, so as not to infect everyone else.

So after a very late night/early morning bringing in the New Year I thought it would be a great challenge to find a photo because I had no plans to venture outside today. Rising earlier than anticipated this morning I set out to complete my New Year’s Day dinner and had an aha moment!

Rarely do I prepare New Year’s Day dinners and this year I planned to follow the tradition set by my mother and her mother before her and probably many women before that. In the black community it is tradition to prepare black eyed peas on New Years for good luck in the coming year. Below is a photo of the peas before I prepared them.

New Year’s black eyed peas soaking.

Another tradition is to prepare collard greens for prosperity in the new year, and who wouldn’t hope for a little prosperity in the new year!

Collards cooked with smoked turkey for a prosperous 2012!

Step one in a more productive, creative and prosperous year is complete! Happy New Year! I hope you’ll visit again and follow my progress with the 2012 Photo Challenge, your support, encouragement and comments are welcome!