365/66 Photo Challenge – Day 15

For today’s installment of the 365 Photo Challenge I thought I’d go back to the park and shoot my favorite tree seen here, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it during today’s brief walk. Bummer! Not to be deterred I will return when the temps are a little higher.

While I did not find the tree I did have a nice brisk walk and communed with nature just a bit, and that in and of itself is a milestone for me! I am not opposed to walking totally, but when the mercury hovers around 25 degrees you are more likely to find me next to a fire as opposed to traipsing through the snow.

It was actually somewhat invigorating so I may try to make this a weekly habit – just have to bundle up a little better than I did today!

Take a peek below! Enjoy! Also I love comments, so if you’re so inclined let me know you stopped by!

The water keeps rolling…I wonder if it ever actually freezes. 

365/66 Photo Challenge Check-In

Winter has finally come to the “north coast” so I spent a relaxing day with my laptop. No need to venture out into the blustery cold – been there done that (maybe tomorrow).

Started the day of relax with Ali Edwards and a video chat for One Little Word. What in inspiring way to start the day. The group offered up tips for a successful year and some great humor too! During an exchange about apps for the Iphone one respondent said “I’d give up my right arm for my Iphone”, now if that’s not an endorsement I haven’t heard any!

After the chat I was supposed to get moving on my word and a number of other projects, but I got stuck working on the post processing of some photos. Oh, I did stop and take a few shots, but after that it was the laptop all day.

Between playing with photos and “Words With Friends” I can say it was an enjoyable day.

These are the highlights:

Fresh popped – OPD-13-JAN 13 2012

Inspired by OLW chat and preparation for Beyond Layers  with Kim Klassen

OPD-14-JAN 14 2012

Inspired by this week’s Picture Inspiration and the chill outside!

365 Photo Challenge – Playing Catch Up!

I’m playing catch up with my posts, but not with my shooting! I have taken a photo a day for the first 11 days of this year; however the last several evenings have left me weary and unable to post. I didn’t want to go another day without posting so here’s a three-fer!


Longing to be here for several hours at the end of the week!

Drawn to the lights and quiet at the end of a long day.

Just love the colors in these daisies, hoping they’ll brighten my evening.

365 Photo Challenge – Day 8

Feeling refreshed after a wonderful Sunday! It was a gorgeous day on the north coast, the sun was brilliant and the air was brisk but not bone chilling – what more could you ask for in January in Cleveland?

The highlight of the day was a meet-up with two of my Literary Sistas at Starbucks. It’s always great to see Kim our founding Sista who now resides overseas and only gets home once or twice a year. Just love her, she is such an inspiration and just an all around great person. I get to see Angela more often, but she is just as special – she has a great heart and is a pleasure to be around. Love them both.
As we parted Kim made note of the moon which was kind of eerie and reminded me of the old TV show “Dark Shadows”. So there you have it, my Photo of the Day!
Have a wonderful week!

Angela, a great friend and Literary Sista

Literary Sistas founder Kim

OPD-8-JAN 8 2012, the Eerie Moon

One Little Word 2012 + 365 Photo Challenge Day 5

As I approach the end of the first week of 2012 all I can say is WHEWWW! I hope that translates into a very heavy sigh!
This has been a very busy week on the work end (what pays the bills) and not a bad week on the personal end (means the creative future work that WILL pays the bills). Not to be deterred I have kept up with my 365 Photo Challenge and working on One Little Word 2012.
My word for 2012 is FOCUS. I chose this word to help guide me into the new year and new ventures. For a number of years I have been less than regular with my postings to this site primarily because I haven’t taken the time to focus on what I want to say, and most importantly what I want this site to represent. I can’t say that I have found the answer, but I believe if I take the advice of so many people and begin to plan I will find the answer.
My plan was not to write about the One Little Word project today, but with such a hectic day at work I was struggling to come up with my photo for today when I began concentrating on my word. Before I go much further I should explain OLW for those of you unfamiliar with this annual project. The brainchild of Ali Edwards, a guru in the scrapbook and photography communities, OLW is the practice of choosing one word that will act as your beacon throughout the year. This is my first time using the practice, but based on what I have read on other blogs, it really helps free that inner spirit striving to come to the surface.
Ali leads you through monthly emails, videos and assignments that help you incorporate your word into your daily life. One of the first assignments is to define your word, find synonyms and explain why you chose the word.
This evening while checking the thesaurus I came across CENTER and experienced an `aha’ moment. Focus does draw one into the center, and if you are truly focused you are Centered! Thus, the photo below. Talk about focusing!

One Little Word 2012 – Focus

Enjoy and do stay FOCUSED!