Sock Euphoria turns to Drama

My early week euphoria has been replaced by drama! My last post proved to be premature and  I believe I jinxed myself because not long after that posting I realized I had dropped a couple of stitches!

If you  recall,  part of my motivation for working on this project is my OLW – FOCUS, so instead of being defeated I  stepped away from the project for the day which turned into several. Feeling confident that I had enough time to FOCUS I picked up the socks again last night. After a few hours of knitting and feeling satisfied with my progress, another error was located!

Just as I was about to complete the shaping of the toes and move on to the heel, I realized I had once again goofed and needed to figure out how to correct my mistake! I tried to use my “phone a friend” to help me out of the dilemma, but she was no help.

Choosing not to be deflated or defeated I took a shot of what I had created and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to start over again! A more seasoned knitter would probably be able to determine where the mistake was made and just back track to that spot – that does not describe me, so it’s back to the drawing board!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and my light came in the form of another outlet for my creative energies. One is taking the time to create this post and the second is to edit some photos, and hopefully create some art that I’ll share here.

For now I ask that you take a look at my progress and send messages of good will my way as I again start the journey of creating these socks – two at a time!

An almost complete toe! Back to the drawing board!

What happens when you focus!

2012 is my year of Focus and boy has this been an adventure and we are only 23 days into the year! As I allow my chosen word to marinate and resonate with me I am finding that focus is a very broad and general term.

When I decided to choose a word focus just kept coming to me because while I don’t think I have a problem focusing all the time, I can get sort of scatterbrained – jumping from one thing to the next. This happens primarily with creative ventures and I think that’s because I have developed a number of interests over the years. So I was/am determined to focus on the key ventures and see them to fruition.

To that end I have enrolled in Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers e-course. Now one of the difficulties I have found with e-courses is that life just gets in the way of creative endeavors, but I’m determined that will not be the case with Beyond or with Ali Edwards One Little Word e-course.

So at least once or twice a week I make sure to check in on both sites and to produce a little something related to the prompts.

These are examples from last week’s Beyond Layers photo prompt. The goal was to take a simple image and add a layer, but always keep it simple. I think I nailed it! What say you?

Daisies to brighten your day!

Another take on the daisies

For the One Little Word January prompt you are encouraged to take a self-portrait or have someone take a photo of you. I had not gotten around to this portion of the prompt, so when Kim’s prompt suggested either using a self-portrait or something else I decided to try both for my “keep it simple” assignment.

Selfie leaving white space
Still leaving white space, but a fuller view

Not sure what I think of the selfies, but they’re done! Will do more as the weeks progress.
Thank you so much for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment.

A Day of Remembrance

Today many in the U.S. celebrated the birth of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by attending various events or by offering a service to their communities. What a fitting tribute to a man who died in service to others – to give of oneself for the betterment of others.

I unfortunately took today to reflect on myself and try to get my “house” in order so that I might be a better servant. This year I have started a new practice of choosing a single word to lead my life. This started as a plan to infuse some life into my creative endeavors and my work on “Plan B” but is involving into a life plan.

A day of remembrance and reflection in front of the fire.

The warm glow of a fire.

My chosen word is focus and according to Merriam-Webster this is what it means:

fo·cused also fo·cussed fo·cus·ing also fo·cus·singDefinition of FOCUS
transitive verb
1a : to bring into focusb : to adjust the focus of (as the eye or a lens)
2: to cause to be concentrated <focused their attention on the most urgent problems>
3: to bring (as light rays) to a focus : concentrate
intransitive verb
1: to come to a focus : converge
2: to adjust one’s eye or a camera to a particular range
3: to concentrate attention or effort
— fo·cus·able adjective
— fo·cus·er noun
 See focus defined for English-language learners »
Examples of FOCUS

  1. She has an amazing ability to focus for hours at a time.
  1. I wasn’t able to focus the camera.
  1. I wasn’t able to get the camera to focus.

First Known Use of FOCUS
Related to FOCUS
Synonyms: centerfastenconcentraterivettrain

As I take my journey with this word I will use it as an intransitive verb, most specifically it is my goal this year to concentrate attention or effort on being a better me in 2012. This means in a nutshell that I plan to look inside and make the changes I need in order to have a positive effect on my personal, professional and creative lives. 
So today I worked on my plans for improvement this year, because Dr. King had a dream that he worked hard for and gave the ultimate sacrifice for; therefore it is only fitting that I work hard on my dreams while remembering him. 

365/66 Photo Challenge Check-In

Winter has finally come to the “north coast” so I spent a relaxing day with my laptop. No need to venture out into the blustery cold – been there done that (maybe tomorrow).

Started the day of relax with Ali Edwards and a video chat for One Little Word. What in inspiring way to start the day. The group offered up tips for a successful year and some great humor too! During an exchange about apps for the Iphone one respondent said “I’d give up my right arm for my Iphone”, now if that’s not an endorsement I haven’t heard any!

After the chat I was supposed to get moving on my word and a number of other projects, but I got stuck working on the post processing of some photos. Oh, I did stop and take a few shots, but after that it was the laptop all day.

Between playing with photos and “Words With Friends” I can say it was an enjoyable day.

These are the highlights:

Fresh popped – OPD-13-JAN 13 2012

Inspired by OLW chat and preparation for Beyond Layers  with Kim Klassen

OPD-14-JAN 14 2012

Inspired by this week’s Picture Inspiration and the chill outside!

One Little Word 2012 + 365 Photo Challenge Day 5

As I approach the end of the first week of 2012 all I can say is WHEWWW! I hope that translates into a very heavy sigh!
This has been a very busy week on the work end (what pays the bills) and not a bad week on the personal end (means the creative future work that WILL pays the bills). Not to be deterred I have kept up with my 365 Photo Challenge and working on One Little Word 2012.
My word for 2012 is FOCUS. I chose this word to help guide me into the new year and new ventures. For a number of years I have been less than regular with my postings to this site primarily because I haven’t taken the time to focus on what I want to say, and most importantly what I want this site to represent. I can’t say that I have found the answer, but I believe if I take the advice of so many people and begin to plan I will find the answer.
My plan was not to write about the One Little Word project today, but with such a hectic day at work I was struggling to come up with my photo for today when I began concentrating on my word. Before I go much further I should explain OLW for those of you unfamiliar with this annual project. The brainchild of Ali Edwards, a guru in the scrapbook and photography communities, OLW is the practice of choosing one word that will act as your beacon throughout the year. This is my first time using the practice, but based on what I have read on other blogs, it really helps free that inner spirit striving to come to the surface.
Ali leads you through monthly emails, videos and assignments that help you incorporate your word into your daily life. One of the first assignments is to define your word, find synonyms and explain why you chose the word.
This evening while checking the thesaurus I came across CENTER and experienced an `aha’ moment. Focus does draw one into the center, and if you are truly focused you are Centered! Thus, the photo below. Talk about focusing!

One Little Word 2012 – Focus

Enjoy and do stay FOCUSED!