Remembering Michael Jackson

For more than a week we have all been captivated by the videos, the pundits and everyone speculating about the death of our beloved Michael Jackson, but not until today did it really hit home.

I watched from the sidelines, not trying to pay close attention because somewhere along the way I had fallen out of love with that gorgeous chocolate brown teenager I grew up with. I still liked his music, but it wasn’t like the thrill I had to go to Cleveland’s Public Auditorium and see Michael and his brothers perform for the massive crowd of giggling and screaming teenage girls.

We had all written our wedding vows, and they undoubtedly joined us in holy matrimony with Michael, Marlon, Tito, Jackie. What joy they all brought us, but the greatest joy came from Michael. He had the infectious smile and those beautiful eyes that assured you that he was looking at you and only you.

Today, see the photos of that young Michael I am forced to stay focused and admit, this is truly the end of the mortal being, but I know that his spirit and his music will live on.

God Bless you Michael, thank you for the memories and may you finally rest in peace!

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