No School On Election Day?!

While I don’t have any children I do try to keep up on news worthy items and it appears to me that I slept through one – No School On Election Day for safety reasons! Come on, I really couldn’t believe it at first, but then again with all of the rhetoric and hate that has surrounded the last several election cycles I guess I should not be surprised.

In a meeting this morning a co-worker and I discussed the number of schools closed today, but I had no idea it was associated with safety until this afternoon when I asked my sister why she was home. She said no school because of the election and my response was “since when,” to which she replied “they started it year before last for safety reasons or something.”

This is getting to be a little silly. I listened to a commentary this morning by Jeff Johnson on the Tom Joyner Morning Show and he recounted covering elections in other parts of the world and how in places like Iraq, Africa and Asia election day was a National Holiday. It has never been a National Holiday in the U.S. and to think that it has become a holiday because of fear for the safety of our children is despicable.