FREE BOOKS – Part Three!

Ok you “bookies” out there, I’m sure you could use a book or two! I on the other hand, need to get rid of a book or two, or three or four – you get it.

I’ve had two takers so far, (Thanks Nate & Angie) which means I am making some progress, but I really want to make more progress! So please help a girl purge, and I promise I will wait at least 30 days before I purchase another book. I’m going to become a very frequent user in the Cleveland Public Library and Cuyahoga County Library systems. Now as an aspiring novelist I understand the importance of sales, so I can not say that I will not purchase any more titles, but I will attempt to be more selective.
One day I have a vision of a home that offers me space similar to that of Whoopi Goldberg. Did you guys happen to see Oprah yesterday? If you are a “Bookie” you would be in heaven inside of Whoopi’s house!
She has a library spanning a couple of rooms! I mean you could really get lost in a book in her house! On top of the library from Dewey’s dreams, she has a master SUITE that would leave the designers on HGTV in design heaven! Her bathroom is as large as some of the bedrooms featured on HGTV shows. To put it into my perspective it as large as the two large bedrooms in my home – a girl could get used to a powder room like that! But would you expect less from Whoopi – I sure wouldn’t!
Now on to the next selection of Freebies! I think I failed to mention in my previous posts, but a perusal of the lists will tell you that these are not all fiction freebies, many of these are non-fiction and might help someone out there fix finances or come to terms with the best way to educate children. Without further delay – the 3rd Installment of Free Books!
  1. Myth of the Welfare Queen – A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Journalist’s Portrait of Women on the Line by David Zucchino
  2. Beating the Odds – Raising Academically Successful Afican American Males by Freeman A. Hrabowski III, Kenneth I. Maton & Geoffrey L. Greif
  3. Stepping Out With Attitude by Anita Bunkley
  4. Pimps, Whores and Welfare Brats – From Welfare Cheat to Conservative Messenger, The Autobiography of Star Parker by Star Parker with Lorenzo Benet
  5. Childhood by Andre’ Alexis
  6. The Twelve Universal Laws of Success by Herbert Harris
  7. Boys to Men – Maps For The Journey by Greg Alan Williams
  8. I Was On Time – My Journey From The Negro Leagues To The Majors by Buck O’Neil
  9. America’s Best Kept Secret by James L. Gagan with Robert L. Shook
  10. How To Raise a Child with a High EQ – A Parent’s Guide to Emotional Intelligence by Lawrence E. Shapiro, Ph.D.
The following books are no longer available – Sister Souljah’s “No Disrespect” and Richard North Patterson’s “Eyes of A Child”