Women empowering women!

I am pleased to serve as a panelist for “Blood Sweat & Heels,” a luncheon with the sole purpose of educating and empowering women.

I am a staunch believer in supporting one another, because without a guiding voice and attentive ear,  we can not achieve true success. We may advance in our careers, but without someone who looks like us and shares many of our experiences cheering us on the world becomes a lonely place.

I am pleased to say that I have had and continue to have cheerleaders who not only congratulate me on the wins, but wipe my tears and nicely offer a kick in the rear when needed.

If you value the bond of sisterhood and are available join us on October 14th at the Wyndham Cleveland and empower yourself and someone else.


Thank you!

Doesn’t she look happy, at peace and elated! This shot of the Cleveland Museum of Art Dancers was captured at the Cleveland Garlic Festival.

The joy and elation pictured above is what I felt over the last few weeks as I read the comments left on this space. The birthday wishes, and just the fact that you guys took time out of your daily routine to stop by and see what I was up to! Thank you so much.

You know as a creative soul I started this blogging journey as a way of keeping myself in the practice of writing on a regular basis. Life kept getting in the way and I would find a reason not to post. Not enough time, nothing to write or the idea I wanted to write about was time sensitive and on and on. My next goal was to showcase my photography. Once again life got in the way and the number of posts continued to diminish.

Throughout this process what I have found is that the process is made a lot easier when you develop a sense of community – a following. When visitors stop by and greet you and comment on your latest postings there is a sense of accomplishment. With that accomplishment comes elation and a reignited sense of purpose.

So thank you all for helping me reignite my purpose and for helping me develop a new community. I hope you will continue on this journey with me and offer your views both positive and not so, but always with a sense of encouragement attached.

I hope to hear from you soon, and I look forward to sharing more highlights of this journey with you.