Hope reigns supreme April 30th

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If you’re in Cleveland or anywhere close on April 30, 2016, you want to be at Cleveland Music Hall taking part in “A Celebration of Hope.” This free event will leave you inspired and filled with joy and hope.

The evening features a gospel concert, comedy show and an awards show honoring men and women making an impact in their communities. A highlight of the night is the Cleveland premiere screening of “Kunta Kinteh Island: Coming Home Without Shackles,” a documentary that portrays the pure essence of  hope.This film chronicles the renaming of James Island to Kunta Kinteh Island, but more importantly it highlights the pride of a people that were so strong they were known as some of the greatest hunters and warriors on the continent.

This movie focuses on the lessons taught by Kunta Kinteh’s grandmother, Yaisa, which rang as truths in his spirit, freeing his mind even when he lost his physical freedom. Because of the lessons he learned, today’s African American may return to the Mother Land with heads held high, knowing that they can survive any obstacle and flourish in any environment as long as they stay true to their inner convictions.

The lessons of the film and the accomplishments of the honorees are proof that with hope you can accomplish and conquer anything!

Get your tickets today by clicking here.

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