Capturing My 365/366

As I begin living my life On Purpose and With Purpose in 2016 I have started a 365/366 utilizing the CaptureYour365 Challenge ideas for shots. I’m posting the shots here as a way to not only share them but also as a means to ensure that I am regularly posting to this site.

I look forward to your feedback.

CY365 Selfie

Day 3 – The prompt for this photo was “This is So Me”, well in some ways it is. I had hoped to have my eyes open but that was not a good shot. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

Day four was deserving of two shots. As we finally begin to experience winter in northeast Ohio the desire to take in God’s beauty was strong and led me to Wildwood State Park. Not a good decision – the winds were brutal, but I think the shots were pretty sweet!

Winter Beach Scene

Day 4 – The Challenge prompt was “Need This” (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

Winter Sky

Day 4 – “Need This,” I definitely needed to pause and take in God’s beauty. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)


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