About Last Night


Old Vegas

The beaury of Old Vegas at night. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

It’s my birthday week and as part of the celebration I joined a group of friends for my inaugural trip to Las Vegas.

To be completely honest, I am underwhelmed. The weather is great and the sites I’ve seen are interesting, but can I say I’m pining to return – NOT!

I guess the fact that I’m not a gambler plays a large role in that decision. Add to that I’m not a member of the “Mile High” club with loads of discretionary cash just waiting to be blown and my initial thoughts of “Sin City” remain.


Bellagio Water Show

One of the highlights of the trip, a beautiful musical light show in front of the Bellagio. (Photo by Shelley M.Shockley)

As I sit in the Casino writing this one observation that amazes me is the number of children spending there vacations in Las Vegas. Not to be totally judgmental, but WHY?! I mean how bored are they and how much fun can the parents have?

Also, who started the rumor that as long as you are playing you are drinking? I haven’t played a lot, but not once has a waitress asked me if I wanted a cocktail! Actually as I sat playing no one appeared but as soon as I got up, a gentleman seated two machines over received a drink! I wondered aloud, “How much do you have to play to get a drink?” His nonverbal response was “nothing,”so my response was “She must like the way you look!”


Stratosphere at night

Night view of The Stratosphere. (Photo by Shelley M. Shockley)

All in all, a good vacation thanks to a good group of people and some good sights. 

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One Response to About Last Night

  1. louise237 says:

    Happy Birthday to you!

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