Grateful to say “Happy Friday”

My new Volvo XC60 provided just the right amount of comfort and safety today.

My new Volvo XC60 provided just the right amount of comfort and safety today.

I am so HAPPY to say it’s Friday! This has been a challenging week, one that prevented me from fulfilling my Blog Post A Day challenge and my 30 Days of Gratitude.

I could rant, moan and groan about this – instead I choose to accept what is placed before me and move on. The good news is that the missed opportunities were not because I just forgot, or had some sort of writer’s block. Instead my absence was due to life truly getting in the way.

So while I didn’t post on these days I will continue my gratitude messages within this post.

Day 10 – I am so grateful that I live in a country and a community that has any number of very good to excellent medical facilities within my reach. Especially grateful for these facilities on Monday as one of my dearest friends need this care and was able to utilize it.

Day 11 – I am grateful to hear that the above referenced friend has been released from the hospital and is happy about the treatment she received.

Day 12 – I will keep with the medical gratitude as today I am grateful for the doctors and nurses who treated my brother at Urgent Care and noticing an irregularity sent him to the nearest hospital for further observation.

Day 13 – I am grateful and thank God for his mercies and for eliminating the need for my brother to have an invasive, yet preventive procedure.

Today (Day 14) I am truly grateful for the vehicle pictured above. A little over a month ago I was blessed with this wonderful machine that has successfully carried me through the first snow storm of 2014! I’m still getting used to her in these conditions, but boy was I happy to have her today!

Now on to a weekend filled with rest and creativity!

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One Response to Grateful to say “Happy Friday”

  1. Carol says:

    You have much to be thankful for – when life gets in the way it’s a grateful heart that see the blessing in spite of concerns.

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