Liberate Your Art 2013 is underway

This is week two of the Annual Liberate Your Art Postcard Swap started by Kat Sloma of the Kat Eye Studio. This is the third year, and it is an eye opening and inspiring experience for artists. That’s funny, I just called myself an artist! Wow, talk about coming a long way – thanks Kat!

My love and interest in photography dates back so many years that it is scary to say it out loud, but it’s been more than 30 years since I first picked up a camera and became intrigued by the art. It’s been a hobby I left and came back to and one I shied away from when I wanted to get serious about it because I didn’t think of myself as an artist.

So three years ago I jumped off the bridge and joined the Swap and proclaimed myself an artist. Now don’t think I believe I have arrived because I’m far from there, but I’m enjoying it and I’m seeing the world in a different way today.

Back to the swap! I have received two beautiful cards that are definitely works of art and an inspiration to a novice like me. The first is of a beautiful scene from Ireland. It is a dolmen, an ancient burial mound of standing stones. I love this project because not only do you receive such beauty in the mail, but you also learn a thing or two. After the events of Monday, this photo adds peace to my heart as I send prayers to the victims and survivors of the horrific attack in Boston.

A dolmen
An ancient burial mound of standing stones in Ireland.

Week two brought memories of Junior High. This lovely photo which urges us to “let love grow” and has love birds as the center of attention reminds me of an art project I created in the 7th grade. The theme was Scandinavian or Dutch art and this really reminds me of some of the samples we were shown in preparation for our own creations. Thank you Katy for the memories.

Unfortunately neither artist left a website or other location to visit.

Love birds
Katy shares a message we all need to heed, “Let Love Grow”.

4 thoughts on “Liberate Your Art 2013 is underway”

  1. I’m glad you can call yourself an artist because of the swap. Yay!! I’m also glad that both of these images brought happiness and peace to you this week. Art is a powerful thing!

  2. shelley, so fun to see the postcards you’ve received 🙂
    i was a lucky recipient of one of yours! it’s a wonderful shot of the cleveland skyline…thank you for sharing your view with me!

  3. hi I too joined the postcard swap. I received your postcard today, it is beautiful and you are weeks ahead of us in term so spring. In fact my tulips were frozen this week, so sad. Your postcard is beautiful thanks so much.

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