Happy Friday ~ Five Fall Facts

Happy Friday all! Unfortunately your Friday is probably coming to a close, or you’re reading this over the weekend. Whenever you see this, I hope you enjoy and have a great weekend!

Today has been a whirlwind and at the close of the day I keep wondering ‘Did I really accomplish anything?’ Have you ever had a day or days like that? I’ve had a lot of these lately, but I guess it’s all good! No complaints. Let’s talk about a few facts to begin the weekend!

1. I will celebrate a significant birthday on Sunday!

Fifty year old button
Just where did the time go?

Yes, on Sunday I will celebrate my 50th Birthday and I’m excited! It’s a new day and I’m entering another phase of life but I don’t really feel like it’s a HUGE deal even when I know it is. There are many who have not been blessed to reach this age, so I feel blessed that I have. I don’t feel 50 and I don’t believe I look as mature as the number sounds. I also remember when I thought that was soooo OLD!

2.  I’m missing my mother desperately right now. There are a number of times throughout the year that I long for my mother, but probably none other than around my birthday. I think we had a special bond because I was her first born.

Chris & Shelley
Oh what a wonderful birthday this was!

3. I’m participating in Scott Kelby’s Worldwide Photo Walk tomorrow! Yippee!! This will be my second year and although the weather is supposed to be a little chilly, I’m really looking forward to it.

4. Fall is my favorite time of the year. The colors are just so beautiful, warm and comforting. It really makes me yearn for a hug from my Mom and to spend long Saturday afternoons with her knitting. Speaking of knitting, I’ve really got to get on the ball. I need new hand warmers and I have a number of gifts I need to work on.

Hand warmers
I knit these a couple of years ago for a good friend. Now I need a pair.
Autumn trees
The beautiful golden colors of autumn trees.

5. I baked my first apple pie today! Last weekend I went apple picking with one of my dearest friends MB so I thought what the ‘hey’ I’ll try a pie. The first pie didn’t look that great after it baked, but the taste was great! Pie number two looked much better. Okay, I’m not ready for you guys to see those photos. LOL, but here are some before shots.

Apple Pie filling
The filling for my first two apple pies.
Apple Pie
My first attempt at an apple pie, right before I baked it.

So that’s it for the 5 Fact Friday! Enjoy!

5 Fact Friday

4 thoughts on “Happy Friday ~ Five Fall Facts”

  1. 50 is the start of a whole new ballgame in life. It’s great Shelly! btw, I love Cleveland though as an EastCoaster I had a big case of ‘contempt prior to investigation’. I wish the Westside Market was a couple blocks away from me.

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