Sock Euphoria turns to Drama

My early week euphoria has been replaced by drama! My last post proved to be premature and  I believe I jinxed myself because not long after that posting I realized I had dropped a couple of stitches!

If you  recall,  part of my motivation for working on this project is my OLW – FOCUS, so instead of being defeated I  stepped away from the project for the day which turned into several. Feeling confident that I had enough time to FOCUS I picked up the socks again last night. After a few hours of knitting and feeling satisfied with my progress, another error was located!

Just as I was about to complete the shaping of the toes and move on to the heel, I realized I had once again goofed and needed to figure out how to correct my mistake! I tried to use my “phone a friend” to help me out of the dilemma, but she was no help.

Choosing not to be deflated or defeated I took a shot of what I had created and resigned myself to the fact that I would have to start over again! A more seasoned knitter would probably be able to determine where the mistake was made and just back track to that spot – that does not describe me, so it’s back to the drawing board!

There is always a light at the end of the tunnel and my light came in the form of another outlet for my creative energies. One is taking the time to create this post and the second is to edit some photos, and hopefully create some art that I’ll share here.

For now I ask that you take a look at my progress and send messages of good will my way as I again start the journey of creating these socks – two at a time!

An almost complete toe! Back to the drawing board!

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