What happens when you focus!

2012 is my year of Focus and boy has this been an adventure and we are only 23 days into the year! As I allow my chosen word to marinate and resonate with me I am finding that focus is a very broad and general term.

When I decided to choose a word focus just kept coming to me because while I don’t think I have a problem focusing all the time, I can get sort of scatterbrained – jumping from one thing to the next. This happens primarily with creative ventures and I think that’s because I have developed a number of interests over the years. So I was/am determined to focus on the key ventures and see them to fruition.

To that end I have enrolled in Kim Klassen’s Beyond Layers e-course. Now one of the difficulties I have found with e-courses is that life just gets in the way of creative endeavors, but I’m determined that will not be the case with Beyond or with Ali Edwards One Little Word e-course.

So at least once or twice a week I make sure to check in on both sites and to produce a little something related to the prompts.

These are examples from last week’s Beyond Layers photo prompt. The goal was to take a simple image and add a layer, but always keep it simple. I think I nailed it! What say you?

Daisies to brighten your day!

Another take on the daisies

For the One Little Word January prompt you are encouraged to take a self-portrait or have someone take a photo of you. I had not gotten around to this portion of the prompt, so when Kim’s prompt suggested either using a self-portrait or something else I decided to try both for my “keep it simple” assignment.

Selfie leaving white space
Still leaving white space, but a fuller view

Not sure what I think of the selfies, but they’re done! Will do more as the weeks progress.
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