Creating Vision Boards ~ Planning Your Year

Where do you see yourself in six months or a year? Have you given it any serious thought? If you’re anything like me the answer is probably “I don’t know, and no I haven’t thought about it.” Well I can’t say I don’t think about it, but plan – WHAT’S THAT! I’ve always been a go with the flow kinda girl. 

Now that doesn’t mean I don’t have a plan or idea swimming around in my head, but to put paper to pencil and make a list and plan out my life – that’s no fun! Where’s the spontaneity in that? Well the events of the last couple of years have me working to be more focused, organized and really striving for change.
These feelings are what led me to Karen Walrond’s Path Finder and to the process of creating a Vision Board, which is ultimately a visual path for the next year. What do you want in your life over the next 365 days? Have you really thought about that, well I have for the past two weeks and in a nutshell it’s Clarity, which Merriam- Webster describes as “the quality for state of being clear.” 
I want to be clear in all aspects of my life – starting with organizing my work areas which will give me a clear space to create. With a clear space my mind will be clear of the chaos that clutter breeds thus giving me the time to clearly express myself through words, photos and other creative endeavors.
This is a sneak peak of my Vision Board – still a work in progress? Some of the highlights of this board include a neat and organized work area, a new lens to help me create, books, beautiful flowers that add color to my visions. I hope I’m on the right path as I seek Clarity in my life.
My Vision Board – a work in progress
I would love to hear your thoughts.