Summer Colds are the pits!

It’s 80° outside and the relative humidity is hovering between 65-70% and my throat feels scratchy. Not a good sign. Scratchy turns into sneezing, coughing and congestion! Dang it, I’ve got a summer cold that is hell bent on knocking me to my knees. I fight it and go to work sneezing, hacking and being just plain miserable.
My head before meds,
Last night I come home and my body feels as though I have been in the ring with Sugar Ray, but I’m ready to fight back. Armed with Theraflu Severe Cold, Coricidin Cold and fresh ginger tea I dope myself up and off to bed I go.
This morning I greet the world and I can breathe, hallelujah! The worst is over, but I still have a few issues – lingering headache, a little cough and some phlegm buildup in my chest. Ginger Ale, Orange Juice, Hot Tea, more Coricidin and plenty of sleep (try just about all day) and I’m feeling much better.
The upside to this story of misery is that I have taken out my computer and albeit late in the day, I’m working on being a little creative. I’ve uploaded some photos and with this post, I’m getting back to writing. Next I will write a couple of book reviews and edit some photos.

The clouds are parting as is the congestion in my head.
So what’s the point you ask? It’s real simple, don’t let illness put you down before you realize that you have been running on sheer steam. Take time out for yourself and get some rest – if you don’t do it yourself I can tell you that your body will wake you up and sit you down!
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