My First Postcard!!!

How excited I was today to find my first Liberate Your Art postcard in the mail! My first work of art came from Valerie-Jael, and it is definitely a fine piece!

While receiving this card was truly an exciting time, I also felt like I was out of my league. Valerie is definitely an artist, but don’t take my word for it, below is a photo of her work.

Art work by Valerie-Jael

It was so fitting that I received this mail today in the wake of reading a wonderful post the other day about another Postcard project. Over at the blog Tea & Cookies, blogger Tara Weaver talks about a Postcard Project she started, and the feelings she recounts when she received hand written mail was very similar to what I felt today and I don’t even know Valerie. It felt so good to look at the days mail and find something other than bills or junk! Thanks to Kat Sloma for starting the Liberate Your Art Swap!

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One Response to My First Postcard!!!

  1. craftattack says:

    Glad you like your postcard. I made that picture years back when I went to a drawing class for some weeks. I still have it hanging in my living room, too. I love painting and drawing of all kinds, and crafting, main thing, I keep busy! Valerie

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