Liberate Your Art…Join The Kat Eye View Postcard Art Swap Today

I have decided to take a leap of faith – faith in myself and my abilities and participate in Kat Sloma’s Postcard Art Swap.  So why a leap of faith? It is a leap because, I like so many others suffer from self-doubt from time to time and often  I don’t see the beauty in the work I produce.

In an effort to alleviate this doubt I have participated in a number of online classes and workshops aimed at helping artists find their passion, practice their craft and just find the beauty in the world around you. Most of these sessions have been at Big Picture Classes Online, and that is where I first met Kat.

I was drawn to Kat’s site after she posted a link for capturing the moon in one of our class forums. After browsing through her site I was hooked and added her to my daily feed. When she first advertised the Swap I just sort of looked at the post and thought ‘that’s cool’, but I never thought of doing it myself. After a few weeks I toyed with the idea and finally I said I would give it a try. In other words I would have faith in ME!

So if you are an artist in just about any medium, you should take a look at this site and liberate your art. Briefly, what you will do is create five postcards send them to Kat who will then prepare them to be sent to five people around the world. You in turn will receive the art of others. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!
I would really enjoy seeing some stampers, scrappers and card makers join the Swap!

If you missed the link above, click here to join the fun! Don’t wait – the deadline is this Friday, June 4th!

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One Response to Liberate Your Art…Join The Kat Eye View Postcard Art Swap Today

  1. Kat Sloma says:

    Yay Shelley! So glad you are taking a leap of faith and have joined the swap. That's what this is all about! Thanks for getting the word out too!

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