Channeling Your Creative Spirit

I’ve been on a journey to rejuvenate or positively channel my creative spirit over the last several months – from photography to knitting and adding in a dash of writing along the way. I’ve had successes and near misses but I’m feeling good about my latest venture Creativity Boot Camp.

What you may ask is the Creativity Boot Camp? Given life by Maegan Beishline of Madeline Bea Photography, the Boot Camp is an opportunity for artists, and folks like me (non-artists) to exercise their creative muscles. During this two-week Camp you are given assignments that work hopefully take you by to your youth when you eagerly attempted to create masterpieces for your parents. You know the stick figures that most of us created and the purple skies!

More importantly you are given the opportunity to just “be”. You aren’t graded and hopefully you are encouraged. Now I haven’t submitted anything for my peers to view just yet, but if this experience is anything like the classes over at Big Picture Classes Online I expect nothing less than enthusiastic encouragement.

Drawing and painting have never been considered pleasurable experiences to me – why because truthfully I don’t think I have what it takes. When we feel inadequate we run away from tasks, and that has been the case for me with art and math.

My maiden attempt at painting – no planned creation, just off the cuff.

While thinking about signing up for this class I wondered “is this really for you” well after two days I say YES, because I am being pushed to leave my comfort zone and try something new.

Wish me luck on this journey and stop by this page from time to time to see what I’ve created over the next two weeks. Now don’t laugh at the creation above, just know that I am stretching my creative muscles and throwing caution to the wind!

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