Are We Safer Today?

Last night while winding down from a fairly busy weekend, my regularly scheduled programming was interrupted by a breaking news story. The President was due to make an announcement about a matter of “national security”. Within moments it was reported that Osama bin Laden, the notorious mastermind of 9-11 had been tracked down in Pakistan and killed.

The initial response I must admit was one of elation and pride. I was proud that after nearly 10 years President Barack Hussein Obama had completed the task that had alluded his predecessor. I was happy that a man responsible for inflicting such pain and destruction on so many parts of this world was now gone.

Later as I watched the celebrations in front of the White House and at Ground Zero I wondered, “how much elation are you supposed to feel” or “should you be elated when a life is taken”? On many levels I believe that this exuberance is justified, but as a Christian I wonder aloud – “How do you celebrate the death of another?”

One of the first signs of spring – Peace in the Garden.

Beyond the religious implications of celebrating death, I wonder how safe are we? I do not for one moment believe that al Qaeda will just lie down and say, “what’s done is done”. They will retaliate so we must continue to vigilant and instead of rejoicing in the death of a man – we must be aware focused and prayerful.

I for one will pray for peace throughout the world, and continue to enjoy the peace I find in taking shots like the one above.

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