Photography Links

Today I’ve spent much of the day just perusing the internet checking out some of the wonderful photography sites. One of my passions that has been pushed to the rear over the last several years is photography, and in 2011 I plan to change that.

Here are some of the links those of you interested in photography might also find interesting:
  • Shutter Sisters – A photoblog championing the beauty found with women behind the lense. It is a place for women to showcase their art as well as receive regular inspiration.
  • Northeast Kingdom Photography – This specific link is to the ABC’s of Photography, but the entire site is worth a viewing.
  • 365 Words Through Photos – Looking for inspiration or a unique perspective to jump start your creative juices, then join Jen Hannux on this daily journey.
  • One Word Project – Shutter Sisters offers this great tool, similar to the one above to help spark creativity and to urge you to express yourself through photos. This challenge is monthly as opposed to daily.
  • Mastering Manual Mode – If you’re looking to get more out of that DSLR you received for Christmas, this is the place to do that. The class starts in February, but promises to help you learn all about the new camera and how to use it in other than the “Auto” mode.
  • Big Picture Classes Online – Don’t let the name fool you, the crew over at Big Picture offer online classes in more than just photography. It is also a great place for scrapbookers too.
There are many more that I’m sure I missed, but these should get the juices flowing. If you know of a cool photography site, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a comment with a link.
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